Doi Ang Khang One Day Trip

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    This is my first report, so please do not judge me harshly. In the morning, taking by prior arrangement, bike rental and overcome all the difficulties of the helmet and selecting at least some protection, I went on a journey. Motorcycle Yamaha FJ-09 somewhat nervous on the throttle in the city, on the highway was quite convenient. It allowed me to risky overtaking and provided a decent dynamics. I have good experience of driving on mountain roads in my country, so the road to Doi Ang Khang did not cause too much difficulty. For some time we went with a local rider on the Ducati, and then said good-bye by gesture. On Doi Ang Khang is very nice and I definitely want to go back there again, perhaps with an overnight stay. The way back was faster because I'm got used to the bike.
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    Nice, there is a lot more to see at Doi Ang Khang, hopefully next time.
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    Great ride & nice report for a first time - "one dayer". Well done.

    Glad to see you on GTR.
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    Arrived in Doi Ang Khan yesterday. High season now with pink flowers blooming.
    Very busy and most rooms renting for 400-500 baht in low season are asking 2000 baht for a very basic room.
    Finally found a reasonable room for 850n for 2 nights.
    Amazing countryside and riding up here though

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