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    Doi Inthanon's the highest mountain in the country & has scores of trails running around it.

    Years ago my favourite day trips were out & around some of the Inthanon side "roads." The weather was & is always a bit changeable out there & it's not common to get caught out in the wet & on greasy trails. None of this should be a problem for an experienced dirt rider on an off-road bike with nice tyres, but the old Honda Wing 125 road bike didn't have them (& I could not be bothered to fit them). So it was make do with what you got & just ride as good as well as you can.




    In good weather, earlier in the day.

    Sometimes you got caught out in the dark
    And this happened
    if you could not see the greasy roads clearly.

    The Karen hill tribe villages on the sides of Inthanon were awesome & many of them still are!

    A favourite route was the Khun Pae trail, starting just before Hot.
    Easy at the start in the dry


    But if it rained pure grease 'n snot as they say.

    Hmong Pa Kluai was the midpoint drink & eat stop.

    All these trails are still there (some of them are now partially asphalt) & on the GT Rider MHS Loop map. Check them out for day rides from Chiang Mai!
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    Fred Chopper....Mae Ya Waterfall


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