Doi Inthanon Yamaha Big Bike Charity Ride

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    Chiang Mai - Doi Inthanon Return.


    This event is organised by Yamaha.
    There will be officials from Yamaha Japan & Bangkok in the group.
    All GT Riders, regardless of your bike marque are invited to join.

    8.00 AM Start & Register at Yamaha Square, Huay Kaew. Free T-Shirt
    Police Escort
    Back-up Service Vehicles
    Depart Yamaha Square 9.00 AM
    Free Lunch at Khun Klang Royal Project
    Charity donation of medical equipment at Khun Klang health clinic.
    Group photo shoot at Doi Inthanon with Yamaha.

    Free buffet meal & beer. Music.
    Rider photo shoot with own bike & PG girls at Yamaha Party.

    The event is limited to 50 bikes maximum.

    As this is Yamaha's first big bike ride in the North please show your support and attend.

    In order to prepare T-shirts & food, riders are requested to confirm their attendance in advance.
  2. How do we do that?
  3. Good Point Dave :?: I can Take along the Raid, Support Yamaha and all that :D Might even Be able to Convince the Big Shoots to Bring in the XT660 for us :D The reason being i just received this reply from one of the Top Yamaha Thailand Guys who i had some other Questions for:

    "And about Dirt bike line up, it is low possibility for our business.
    Because we have to select Californian spec for matching with Thai homologation. XT660 is not in the YAMAHA US line up".
    Anyway thank you very much for using our YAMAHA production.
    If you have any question or confirmation please contact me anytime.
    Yukio Tanaka

    With this in Mind it Doesn't Look to Good for Us does it :cry:
  4. Ian-

    Interesting about meeting California specs. They are some of the toughest standards in the world I believe. They marketed many "California Only" models of both cars and bikes in the U.S.
  5. Silverhawk
    Just put your name down here.
    e.g. count me in Silverhawk

    Or you could email
    Bunnag Intarapayung
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    at Yamaha Chiang Mai, but here is better.
  6. Count me in
    David Unkovich
  7. Silverhawk
    Just put your name down here.
    e.g. count me in Silverhawk

    Or you could email
    Bunnag Intarapayung
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    at Yamaha Chiang Mai, but here is better.
    Let me see.......

    Count me in Silverhawk .

    Think I got it. :lol:
  8. Got a phone from Yamaha today asking how our group was going.
    Come on guys, need a few more early commitments, please.
  9. count me in, michaels.
  10. Sadly I cannot put all the expletives I would like to use here about this event.

    I was so looking forward to another group ride and it falls 3 days after I leave Chiang Mai for the Islands.

    Bugger has 6 letters and goes someway to expressing my extreme disappointment!

    Please take some photos.

  11. IF we are there, count us in...
  12. Put my name down
    - or have you already with my Box Brownie?
  13. Hi CNX guys, I will join, just talked with Khun Tum (Bunnag) who is working on my XJ750, if he finishes (rear shock absorbers) in time I'll drive her, if not Charoenmotors will provide me with another bike. I will not take part in the party as I have to fly back home, work waits for me on monday morning......see you on Sunday ! Cheers, Franz
  14. Yes i will be there. T/Shirt Size XL. Beer Required approx 10 Bottles of Tiger should do the trick? See you there.
  15. Looks like it will be a good group.
    There will be a soft drinks & cold towels service vehicle, at the group stops at the bottom on Doi Inthanon, & at the top for the group photo shoot. Plus free lunch at the Royal project + charity donation.
    The will be 2 pro photographers, Rhodie & 1 Thai in the group.
    Paradon Srichaphan, Thailand's tennis star may well be riding with the group, as he was at Yamaha Cnx this morning.
  16. Ian I hope you mean the big bottles 0,675 liters and not the baby ones......and yes of course XXXXXXXXL shirt for me, joking, 2 or 3XL would be fine.....looking forward to see you all again
  17. Count me in on the Beemer. XL and a couple of amber liquids will do
  18. Count me in also... on one condition...
    - if you promise me the police escort will not be looking for missing number plates! :shock:

    WHERE is Yamaha Square located on Huay Kaew?

    Ben Kemp
  19. Ben, if you turn into Huay Kaew road from the moat, just 100 meters from the crossing is the YAMAHA shop (Charoenmotors) and that's also the "square", just another 100 m before Kad Suan Kaew. Cheers, FR
  20. Hi. Me and the missus will also be along.
  21. As some of you know, I am building a Speedster replica for myself and one for #1 Pub as a display over the bar. Well as it turns out today is the day to hoist the car into the Pub, so no ride for me.
  22. Well, the Yamaha Charity Run went like clockwork - absolutely brilliant organisation, meticulous attention to detail, flawless timing on all stages!

    The lunch at the Royal Project was a real treat - some of us might have been expecting a polystyrene bowl of noodles... Instead, we got salads, soups, plates of freshly smoked or fried rainbow trout, fresh fruits - strawberries, and some fruit most of us had never seen before - Cape Gooseberries, plus either logan berries or boysen berries...

    This was followed by a visit to the school to deliver the money that was raised to furnish and stock the new sick bay / medical centre.

    Rolling back into Chiang Mai with a motorcycle police escort, sirens wailing and flashers blazing - running all the red lights into town at speed!!! What a blast THAT was!!! :)

    Then, arriving hot and sweaty back at Yamaha Square - and there's waiters in ties and white gloves, bearig trays of ice-cold Heinekens!!! Be-ribboned table laden with plates of chicken and french fries - roast pork and mashed potatoes - mountains of fresh fruit...

    Yamaha - you guys ROCK!!! Congratulations to the guys who planned it all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day!


    PS: photos comig soon!
  23. My respects & thanks to all guys at CHAROENMOTORS/YAMAHA for the perfect organisation, thanks to DAVID for helping organising this event together with GT-RIDERS club. Many thanks for giving me a brand new Fazer FZ6 for the drive instead of my broken XJ. Still I am really impressed by the guys driving on NUOVO 135's in keeping up the pace with us, helping the police in keeping all roads & intersections free for our ride. I also enjoyed the party after the Inthanon drive ! Thanks also to all the guys I met & drove with, guys you are great !!!!!
    I will definitely come up for the next charity rides in CNX, it gives us double pleasure: first in helping people who are not that lucky as us, second in meeting great guys and third in having a good ride together !!
    One request though I would like to post, as some of us are working during the week, could such a ride be done on a Saturday too ?? Would give us more time to enjoy also the time after the drive........
    Once more many thanks & until the next charity ride, cheers Franz
  24. Wow. What an amazing perfect day out with a great group of guys on big bikes.
    First class organization, service, back up AND the food!

    Not quite what I had anticipated, but believe me everyone working for & on the event excelled themselves to ensure that the event ran perfectly smooth all day. Indeed it was a fantastic day out & everyone was asking – “when’s the next one?”

    So thanks to all the riders who turned up – I counted 32 bikes at Doi Inthanon.


    CONGRATULATIONS to Charoen Motor & Yamaha for organizing such a fantastic day out.

    I am not a fan of big group rides (4-5 riders is my normal limit), but this one went down flawlessly & was actually extremely enjoyable. You guys who had reservations about the event & organization & didn’t make it, really missed out on something. The event was a total joy – all day!

    If you want to thank Charoen Motor and Yamaha, then please send your emails to

    1. Narong Kongprasert. MD of Charoen Motor, Cnx.
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    2. Bunnag Intrarapayoong, Product Specialist, Charoen Motor Cnx.
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    3. Sirichai Kiew-Cha-Um, Thai Yamaha, General Manager Sales & Network
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    All three guys above speak English well, so they can & will read your English language emails.

    Now I had the privilege of riding a FJR1300 for the day & that only left me feeling disappointed when I got back on the trusty 196,000 kms old Africa Twin to ride home. The AT certainly is getting a bit ancient now I have to admit. The FJR has real grunt, plus it was incredibly relaxing to ride. I only picked the bike up at 6.45 pm the night before & had no real time to test it out & familiarize myself with it; but I can tell you it's very easy comfortable to ride - one hell of a great smooth touring bike.
    So if you’re at all interested in a big touring bike & have doubts about the size & handling of the FJR1300 don’t. It is very easy & comfortable to ride. Go check it out at Yamaha or Charoen Motor.

    Overall on the day I think that the guys who enjoyed themselves more than anyone else were the Nuovo 135 riders. These guys rode shotgun for the caravan, assisting the police – directing traffic, blocking roads - & were generally all over the place like a swarm of bees, but there were only two of them! They must have had smiles a mile wide all day with the throttles on the little Nuovos twisted to the max all day – up & down the highest mountain In Thailand & down the 4-lanesuper highway all the way. Go Nuovo go, could have been the cheer of the day.

    One guy who may have been a little disappointed on the day was Richard who dropped his bike in a tighter downhill corner going up Doi Inthanon. The bike demolished a concrete post & ran the Armco, with Richard going over the Armco. He got up smiled, was tended to by the ambulance crew (again first class service &back-up provided by Charoen Motor) & ended up with only minor scratches & probably bruises. But he did get to ride in the air con, & at the top of Doi Inthanon was totally fussed over by an attractive young doctor who had been riding in one of the service vehicles. Yet another first class service from Charoen Motor.
    Doctor, doctor, I’ve got a sore arm. Please help me.

    Then there was the lunch.
    Again first class – real trout - & perhaps a bit over the top for us motley bikers you might say, but there was no holding back from the organizers on the day.

    The police too were excellent all day, a nice smooth ride all the way down & back. No red lights & no holds, just a ride at a nice controlled pace.

    Then there were the “pit-stops” with iced drinks & cold towels waiting.

    The fine detail even went down to the choice of gas station, a Caltex with 95 benzene. These guys did not miss a detail all day. The superlatives keep going……

    So 3 cheers for Yamaha & Charoen Motor – when’s the next one guys?


    Let’s ride & give to charity again soon.

    Photos are at ... t3799.html
  25. On Monday 24th March the Charoen Motor Yamaha Doi Inthanon Big Bike Charity Ride featured on the Channel 11 news on the google box. Several GT Riders get a bit of "a cameo" in the clip.
    I've now got a copy of the evening news & the bike ride on DVD, so if anyone wants a copy, post here & so I can arrange copies.

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