Doi Larng Mae Ai

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  1. Doi Larng's a northern spur off Doi Phahompok (2nd highest mtn), running along the Burma border.
    Khun Sa hung out here for many years, before moving to Homong north of Mae Hong Son.
    One year he lost a big heroin shipment out of Bkk due to a tip off (set up?) & he got a bit angry, so they drove down the mountain in their picks up 7.30am, waited for the bank in Mae Ai to open, robbed it and then promptly drive back up the mountain to their camp a hundred metres across the border in Burma.

    The road basically runs along the border in places, not unlike the Doi Tung - Mae Sai Rd.
    After Khun Sa's little revenge I think they rapidly built the roads to gain full access to the border area & patrol what was going on.






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  2. As usual........great photos and history as well!!

    Loved the Loei photos.

    Are any of these guys still around?
  3. Thanks David for posting those fotos, that really remindes me how Thailand used to be. Just off-road wherever you go. It's kinda boring to go from city to city on asphalt.

    Those days were truly adventerous, never shure having enough gas to make it to the next village, motorcycle in a "who the f... knows" condition. No GPS, no handys to call home and cry for ya mama, when you ended up having a flat tire. And then those master mechanics, who would change the tyre with a hammer and a tool, that's either to big or too small for the job, but at the end it all worked out fine and the grin on your face became even bigger, when you had to pay those 20 Baht to the guy.

    I'd love to see more photos from the past of Chiang Mai's Pioneers of Motorcycle riding.

    Cheers Rudi
  4. The Doi Phahompok trail while the Wa Daeng were still up there......
  5. Red Lahu.


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