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Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by long pete, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. long pete

    long pete Member

    Anyone any information about this doi?
    I'm not sure about the writing, I heard from a thai mountainbiker this is the hardest doi in thailand.
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  3. ron

    ron Active Member

    hi Long Pete ,

    it sure is a beautiful climb up and down on paved road see here : ... t4678.html

    i did it a few times , starting from chiang rai , and spend the night up there

    because going back is still hard climbing , too much for one day of fun

    i find the climb up to doi chaang mountain much harder , mixed concrete & of road and steep all the way up

    you can go up , taste doi chaang coffee and be back in town before lunch

    great fun downhill overheating the brakes , carefull , hardcore riders only
  4. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Are you guys talking bicycles or motorcycles? :wink: If it is motorcycles, i certainly do not classify Doi Mae Salong as difficult. Some steep hills, yes!, but it is all good pavement and some great winding sweeping curves.

    The links supplied above should give you a pretty good idea of what there is.

    If I am in Mai Sai, I will usually cut through Doi Mai Salong when coming back to Chiang Mai via the 107. It doesn't add that much time and is worth the ride.
  5. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    i was just there with my 420Kg Beemer LT and not hard at all, even Koh Chang has harder turns if can compare to it,, but it's sure nice climb up to there and back.

    Nice and cool this time,, yesterday morning it was +16c at 6am
  6. ron

    ron Active Member

    i see it can get confusing , i am still a cyclist but now i am not sure about long pete , ( pedestrian ? )

    anyway a few pictures might clear things up


    Doi Chaang , first time , oktober 2005 , the track was in terrible condition , much more concrete now ,
  7. oldbloke

    oldbloke Ol'Timer

    If we're talking motorbikes, I'd say not too difficult at all, provided you are sensible and use caution on a few of the steepest downhill sections...corners, up and down, aren't too outrageously tight...just be sure your bike's brakes are ok, and if you're on an overloaded clapped-out automatic 50cc, you MAY have to hop off on a couple of uphill sections and walk alongside...
    I certainly had no trouble on my ride there last month (trip report soon-ish) on a CB400 rental.
    I did overtake a cyclist along the way out, and surprisingly, met her at a cafe in Chiang Khong that evening. I was amazed that this dutch woman (who'd brought her own pushbike on the plane) had ridden the Mae Salong loop, though she did admit she'd hitched a lift in a pickup for the last km of the climb. She also said she needed new pads for her brakes after the downhill run...LOL
    Motorbike = easy, but take care.
    Bicycle = crazy, but possible.
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    If you take a look at the GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map you will elevation profiles of the Mae Salong roads
    R1130 - R1234 Pasang -Doi Mae Salong
    R3051 Akha Sam Yaek - Thoed Thai - Mae Moh
    R1334 Thoed Thai - Doi Tung

    All incredible biking/ cycling roads.
    But I would not think that the Doi Mae Salong road is the toughest in the north, however the climb up in the last 6kms would be a real killer.
    Please let us know how you go.
  9. helbob

    helbob Ol'Timer

    There are a nice small footpath near doi mae salong where you can drive with mountainbike or motorbike.
    This is the view when you come down to the 1089 on the small path:

  10. helbob

    helbob Ol'Timer

  11. long pete

    long pete Member

    Thanks for the answers, links and gps-tracks.
    I'm talking about mountainbiking. And mountainbiking in Thailand is real hard because of the steep slopes. First time in my life I had to walk about 20 meters because front wheel was airborne.
    Unlike Europe where it goes up until the top, most roads and tracks go up an down all the time and that's killing both physically and mentally.
    Doi Inthanon was looooooong(back in Chiang Mai after dark), but firts part ok. Some steep curves in the last 8 km at the wrong time of the afternoon I will never forget.
    @ Ron are you the Ron from
    How the fuck do I change pedestrian?
  12. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Pedestrian - Cyclist - in your profile just referrs to how many posts you have on the board here...

    This board is mostly about motorcycling, but is also good for road conditions... but you need to understand that all info will be coming from a motorpowered bike point of view...

    Cycling in Northern Thailand is just crazy... go south young man... still minor hills but very scenic... or go to Issan, not a rise or fall for 100s of km...

  13. ron

    ron Active Member

    hi Daewoo , young man ,

    sorry but i have to reply on thisone , but i ' ll keep it short

    first i know this forum is about motorbiking & different viewpoint , no problem , but we have also a 4WD chapter but not too activ

    all the reasons why the north is a motorbikingparadise are exactly the same for cyclists

    i guess to understand this you need to be a real cyclist , or maybe i am just crazy , ok probably true also

    look worldwide , europe , the alps , the mont ventoux , canada , new zeeland , .... , all sorts of mountain regions are very challenging and popular for cyclists

    there is a lot of mountainbike competition going on here in north and elsewhere , getting more popular every year , mostly thai participants

    definitely not go south or issaan , flat is boring

    i did do the beaches in Phuket , i mean cycling around the island , and yes that is a bit crazy , not just very steep , too much traffic and the island is too small also

    keep on biking ( no smoke or drink and in bed by ten !!! , ok & maybe some power pills )

    @longpete : yes that ' s me , sorry for pedestrian confusing joke

  14. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    When me and Dougal did Doi inthanon there was also so cyclists 2-3bicyckles,, that is just nuts(in nice way),,but must keep person in hell of the phycical condition,,good on you , but just something what is not for me,, im just ordinary 125Kg lad,,,LOL
  15. long pete

    long pete Member

    Isan(north-East) for cyclists is real boring : flat, wind, always straight ahead, no change in landscape for days except for the border regions(Loei, Chiang Khan etc).
    Most of the time I rode onroad, except for chiang mai region. Doi Ang Khan was my favourit, a real tough and long one.
    I also did about 5000km by car in the Northwest and Northeast. Some roads were quite an adventure(average of 40km/h), some roads were 4 lanes in perfect state,without traffic through beautiful landscape.
    What i hated most is the thai habit of driving in the dark without lights, real scary if this happens if riding past another car. A good second was ghostriding on third lane (most right) on highways.
    @Ron is that you on the photo's? Where did you win(can't read the name).
    I'll be back. :D
  16. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    If you follow my links, you will see that I have done a 10 day ride down the Gulf and loved it... Until my knees wouldn't let me anymore I was a pretty keen rider... I competed in endurance (6/12/24 hour) mountain bike comps here... and rode daily for many years...

    I was just trying to point out that what is difficult or easy is different between motorbikes and cycles... for instance, the difference between 100 and 130km on a motorbike isn't worth thought... on a bicycle it is quite significant... the difference between a steep grade, and a very steep grade is hardly noticable on a motorbike... not so on a bicycle...

    Not trying to say cyclists aren't welcome here... not at all... as long as you put in if you take out, we are happy to have anyone...

    I joined GT-Rider many years ago when I was researching a cycle tour from Bangkok to Phnom Penh and back... found the guys here great, and my body too old... so got into motorised bikes...

    just trying to help...

    not so serious about Issan... but the south (like I did) is a great ride... the hills aren't too challenging (you can blast up them is one big effort)... but the scenery is spec and the roads good with low traffic...

  17. ron

    ron Active Member

    hi Daewoo ,

    i still think you are a young man , wright ?

    next time when you are around we can have a beer together , i am interested in your biking adventures ( the link didn ' t work yesterday )

    i am cycling with friends of age 60 + , strong riders , addicted for sure
    but they have to keep on cycling , because when they stop , a heart attack is just waiting around the corner , rpm too low

    just to give you guys an excuse , and marco you are much faster then me on the downhill for sure , maybe we can change bikes ?

    sometimes my body feel too old also , especially after a long enduro trip & crash

    maybe a bonneville - scrambler for my older days would be nice ( at kawa prices )

    @long pete : the race was in Mae Chan - Mae Salong last month
    and you 're gone already ? without visiting chiangrai ? ok , hope you had fun , and thanks for sharing some great pictures on your picasa album(link on highest spot )
  18. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    David Unk, just a thought, reading this post just keeps me thinking of asking you to create another section for MX bikers as already done for 4WD. Met a lot of motorbikers who also love to get on MX-bicycles. Routes are also sometimes similar.........just a thought....... :lol: cheers, Fr
  19. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Well, younger than 60, but I act older than JohnGooding :D ..

    The links work fine for me, so give 'em another try...

    I only get to CM about once every year or two, and just got back, so it could be a while between drinks :beer:

  20. long pete

    long pete Member

    @ daewoo/Daryl : I enjoyed reading your trip stories, and the Mr Pumpy link.8)
    I think it would be nice to give the suggestion of franz about mxbicycles a thought, because it is real hard to find anything about mountainbiking in thailand that's not written in thai.
    @ron : already gone, after Chiang Mai we went to pai, soppon, mae hong son, mae sariang umphai; on this trip I met 4 cyclists, sometimes I went uphil by car and down on the bicycle(unsufficent time to climb it all myself); this loop is excellent bike tertitory;chiang rai wil be for another year.
    I wonder if an ofroad alternative in this region is possible; that's what i would like to do : a one week trip with rucksack on the bicycle ofroad with lots of singletrack(i don't mind walking up, as long as i can ride downhill).
    One of the things i liked most about thailand is that you don't have to carry around lots of food and drink like in South America or the Alps.
    Euhm only one pic of thailand so far on picassa, but more will come; and the non thai pics are worth a moment I think.
  21. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    More than a thought ... html#41250
  22. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    David, many thanks as I think your maps will also be perfect to the MX-bikers, met some in our FIC group and will inform them too about this new opportunity. As we have seen yesterday on the Samoeng Loop, lots of MX-bikers on the way!! :lol: :lol: cheers, Franz

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