Doi Pukha Loop - update

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  1. Just finished doing the Doi Pukha loop. There are some recent roadwork projects.

    1. Travelling east from Pua on 1256, the first 30 + kilometers are still in good shape. They are working on a 3 kilometer stretch near the temple. Right now it is packed dirt and gravel, OK for all bikes.

    2. There is still some rough road at the start of the major downhill to Bo Klua. They are working on a 2 km piece, just above the final 5 km that was finished 18 months ago. Again, packed dirt and gravel.

    3. Going south on 1081 from Bo Klua heading to Nan, the first 10 km in the valley is still OK. Once the road turns west, they are just completeing a MAJOR rebuild on the uphill section. For 10 km, the road has been widened and paved. The asphault was pretty fresh, and the lines have not been painted, but it will be a great ride soon.


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  2. Updated info from a trip last week.

    1. There is no construction going on from Pua to Bo Klua.

    2. When we came to the entrance booth on 1256, we were able to avoid all fees by telling them the truth - that we were going straight through to Bo Klua, and not going into the park. 1256 is a public highway, not part of the park itself.

    3. On 1081, the rebuilt uphill section is still good, but already showing wear and tear. There are hundreds of patches, and hundreds more marked for repair. Most of them needed because of the typical paving job only 15 months ago.

    4. After this section, the short stretch that was dirt last March has been completed. Following that is a 6 km section under construction. There are a few narrow spots where they are cutting some large hillsides away, but most has been widened, graded, and packed. OK for all bikes if you take it slow - unless you hit a portion with a fresh load of dirt being packed.

    5. If you have a pillion that needs a bribe, there is a silver jewelry factory near Pua. Go north on 1080 - 2 km out of town on the right side.


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