1. I am planning to do the Doi Pukha road in a few days. Anyone any idea of how long that takes? Is it a day ride?...... Any good tips on beer/rice stops along the way?
  2. From Nan that is.
  3. Dan
    For Doi Phukha I recommend starting it from Pua.
    Loop back to Pua, if you're doing the long northern Loop, or to Nan if you're doing the shorter southern loop.

    The place to stay in Pua
    Chomphu Phukha Resort
    here ...

    Check out our trip report from last week
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t4921.html
    for photos on the longer Northern loop

    In Nan, don't forget Pizza Da Dario!
  4. Hi David

    Thats great..... Just what I needed......

    Is that you on the Honda Wing on the other link? Looks suspiciously like the famous vendor of knock-off cheese the authorities have been seeking for nigh on two decades?


  5. And yes folks..... Here is the video....

    [youtube:25s1y0ih] /youtube:25s1y0ih]

    Its the sort of thing you do when you spend a week in a town that shuts at 9.pm, with no telly and you finished all the paperbacks......
  6. Dan
    You little beauty.
    Love it, but why call it the "Descent From Doi Phukha," as it looks like going up from the Pua side, although I don't think you quite reach Landaw & The Chomphu Phukha Tree, no?

    Love the cool music too.

    One of the problems doing Doi Phukha with R1256 is you nearly always start from the west Pua side & so in the morning you are riding east into the sun, meaning all the good views & light are behind you away from the sun. I guess you could sleep in Bo Klua View Resort
    but it strikes me as being a bit too quiet out there for a city night life man like myself.
    The other option would be to start after midday from Pua, & quickly do the short (south) Doi Phukha loop I guess.
    What do you think is best for photography on Doi Phukha?

    Now into Nan city. It does not close down after 9PM, there is the Veerachon Pub & Restaurant down on the river by the prison, then the Channel X disco & karaoke lounge set up goes until l-a-t-e; plus some sleazy late night bars out on highway by the airport.
    But I also seem to fondly recall closing down the Full Moon / Duan Phen Pub & Restaurant at 1.00AM when I was there a couple of weeks ago. Check it out. I was impressed.
  7. Dan

    Love the Tunes,,,just exelent for such a lovely ride, well doone mate.
  8. Hi Colin and David...... I missed out tapping into the heart of Nan nightlife..... Bugger!....... Well da Darios closed at 9.00pm anyway...... Lucky I wasn't writing the guidebook.......

    On Doi Pukkha I was cursed with a crap map (David not having got out his crayons and compass yet for that one..... When he does it will complete the north and join up with the Laos map right?..... A sort of full house).

    I did the northern loop round and then did the 1256 both ways..... Which was all fun. If you don't coincide with a public holiday when its full, it is indeed worth staying in Pua. There are a couple of nice resorts I stopped in with a nice mountain feel.....

    I had to stay in Nan because I was working on some locations there, but for access to those roads Pua is both on the doorstp and at the crossroads so to speak.

    When I next make it up I want to drive the Chiang Rai Nan road (1148?)that was written up in the previous reports...... Looks spectacular.

    Just as an aside I spoke to a Thai woman who had been to Luang Phrabang acroos the crossing from Nan province..... If it's is open for farang/bikes then it sounds like it is still a road for dirt bikes.

    Hi Marco..... Sonny Rollins 'Way Out West'..... Up there with 'Kind of Blue' and those egreat jazz albums being made in the late 50s..... When Bebop had calmed down and musicians weren't yet 'deconstructing' scales in the over intellectualised fashion that often makes for excruciating listening.
  9. I forgot..... David.... Its going down heading West to Pua from the NP entrance (well on a bit) .....

    Sleazy bars near the airport?...... Now you tell me!

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