Doi Tung - Mae Sai R1149.

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  1. Early days on the Doi Tung - Mae Sai Burma border road. It was still being built & was a real toughie in the wet, especially if you were on the mighty old Honda Wing 125 road bike.
    Going down, the old drum brakes wouldn't hold.
    Going up if you fluffed a gear change you'd be lucky to pull it even with duck paddling & that was after you'd kick started it on the steep slope & were stuck in first!

    Notice my Wing parked on the left side, half in the ditch - the only safe spot were it would not slide or roll over.
  2. For Skybluestu
  3. The original Akha Guesthouse on Doi Tung, mid-late 1980s.

  4. Fresh "love" in an Akha village up on Doi Tung "a few years ago."
    Two Dutch riding mates were close on 2 metres tall & "enamoured" with the local damsels.....
    well sort of.
    Compare the hand sizes & the footware too, not just the height.
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  5. R1149 the Doi Tung road, before the Mae Fah Luang foundation had started. Note the lack of trees.
    The MFL Foundation has done a fantastic job re-foresting this area!

    Still on R1149, but the Burma border road from Doi Tung -Mae Sai. Almost as steep as the DAK - Nor Lae road, & when the clay was greasy it was a killer if your tyres were at all worn down.
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    David "dawn" Drechsler

  7. Building the big new road up to the Royal place
    Late 80s / early 90s?

    The original trail along the Burma border

    Riding the ridge line
  8. The Doi Tung big dipper


    Dried snot


    On the summit


  9. The Doi Tung Royal Project

    Doi Tung Development Project Sustainable Development doi tung coffee Chiang Rai Thailand Macadamia

    Origin of the Doi Tung Development Project (DTDP)

    In 1986, the head of the 31st Watershed Conservation Unit of the Royal Forest Department requested the Foundation to help solve the problems of deforestation and prevent the local people, who were struggling for survival, from encroaching the remaining watershed forests of Doi Tung. .

    Mom Rajawongse Disnadda Diskul, then Principle Private Secretary to the Princess Mother, was also searching for a location for HRH to reside in Thailand rather than having to travel to Switzerland when she was approaching ninety years old. He found that the climate in Doi Tung was suitable for her health. Upon hearing this report, the Princess Mother and Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana paid a visit to Doi Tung and decided to build a home there so that she can devote her time to reforestation and development projects in Doi Tung. During that first visit, the Princess Mother stated that "I will reforest Doi Tung".

    The Doi Tung Development Project is a holistic and integrated sustainable alternative livelihood development initiative. It is the culmination of the Princess Mother's lifelong dedication to development work.​
  10. Akhas on R1149


  11. Doi Tung temple


    before all the trees came back.
  12. 2 more Akha pics from R1149

    there really were some classic days & people to photograph then
  13. Once upon a time a "bald hill"

    very few trees

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  14. Amazing photos and memories.

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