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  1. Taken on Thursday 22nd September. About 15 kms out of DMS heading for ThaTon/MaeChan road. Has got much worse in the last two weeks. No signs of any impending repairs. No warning signs either. Very dangerous. Sorry - already put this as a reply to ChiangSaen bridge post - excuse - its only 6 in the morning!

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  2. Thanks David, I'm just about to head out up that way so I'll keep the eyes peeled and take a few more pics of it.
  3. Maybe some good news - came by again today & workmen are filling in with dry stone at the moment - I would think (& hope) the next step is a layer of tarmac or two to finish the job properly. In the meantime - still treat with care - there is a lot of stone down & its not yet been rolled!
  4. I went up Doi Tung, Doi Mae Salong and to Fang yesterday and rode in the dark for about 5 hours.
    I passed that area you showed a pic of, there was only set up cones and sticks, no real work yet as of last night (4 Oct)
    Here's a couple of pics from that area
    I believe this is between Doi Tung and Doi Mae Salong.


    This is after Doi Mae Salong towards Fang:

    This should also be on that route

  5. Regarding "repairs" on Doi MaeSalong road - yesterday as you come from DMS towards MaeChan/ThaTon road, the "rolled" stone was still in place on the right hand side, with a large pile of stone tipped on the left hand side! There is at least now a warning sign just before the corner.

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