Donation ride and evening party Khon Kaen 29th September

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  1. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    A ride to a local school, starting from the City Pole, followed in the evening by food and drinks at Sync Bar.
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  3. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    anyone going to this and want to ride up together
  4. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Tukta and I are committed to visit family in Sukothai and so will not be going to KK.
    Just a note that this is not the main KK Bike Week event which will be Volume 5 and should be held on Saturday 24th November. We will definitely be riding down for that one.
  5. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    I would almost be sure I made an posting here yesterday ..... but it seems gone.

    Well easy for me to be there as I live here ...... I heard some other people from Khorat are also coming.
    Anyone else coming?

    Chang Noi

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