Double ooops, GTR - David Unk goes down again.

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  1. Off for the weekend to Phu Chi Fah & Doi Pha Tang, the Versys is still off the road waiting for parts, so what better to rent than a new Honda 500X.

    and 60kms north of Chiang Mai on route 118
    going into a nice corner I tip the bike over to power on a little through the corner & the bike keeps going over, ever so gently.
    Yep lost the front wheel & she just kept sliding down the road.

    The start of the gentle corner

    note the darker patch through the corner.
    It looked innocent enough & I've been down that road a hundred times, & know to stay off the the darker patches.
    & this one looked light enough not to worry about & be a problem.

    It was a long gentle "no impact" slide

    straight across the road & luckily no other vehicles coming or involved.

    The bike came to a stop against a guide post,

    right on the other side of the road.


    and the bike

    almost perfectly ok.

    Mirror, clutch lever, handle bar end

    slightly worn

    Scuff marks

    on the side of the fairing

    plus the engine casing


    the gear lever was slightly bent, but soon straightened out.
    And we kept going for 3 days, to complete a successful trip.

    What about me?
    Everything ok.
    1. Knee sliders


    The happy embarrassed rider


    The Jacket

    and not quite satisfactory.
    The reason being the body armour - elbow protector, did not stay in place because the jacket is too big.
    I suffered some minor elbow grazing.

    For body armour to work properly, it must be securely fitted to your body - the jacket must be a snug / tight fit, keeping everything in place when you go down & slide along the road.
    Mine wasn't, & it was semi-deliberate, as when I bought the jacket at Panda Rider in Bkk 2 months ago, the smaller size that I wanted was out of stock. Oh well I thought better take this one now for riding in the hot season.
    I have a good Alpinestars mesh safety jacket that is a good fit & made of stronger materials, but in the heat it has become to hot (older age?)
    So I decided to seek out a cooler lighter summer jacket & the Revit Tornado jacket it was.
    And in this crash test I can say I was lucky & somewhat surprised at how easily the mesh tore & wore away - nowhere near as good as the Alpinestars I think.
    Would I buy another Revit Tornado jacket - probably, because I liked how much cooler it was, but will get the smaller size.
    Overall I aint complaining - a bit of road / gravel rash is all part of motorcycle riding.
    I went down, did not hurt myself. Got up & continued the trip.

    Life is good - don't waste it - enjoy it while you can........Next trip report coming.........You all take care out there now
  2. Glad you're OK and you offer some good advice. I can use these photos to stress to 'someone' how easily things can happen and when you are least expecting it. Very fortunate there wasn't oncoming traffic. Timing is everything.

    Good lessons learned; at your expense. :smile1:
  3. Your certainly having a run of bad luck with the Bikes. Don't suppose there's much you could have done on an Oil slick but I'll be waiting for your verdict on the Bike and the Tyres (scorpion Trails) anyway
  4. Good to see that both bike and rider escaped with only minor damage.

    Those oil slicks are treacherous, especially when you can't see them!

    I recall that the 118 is often quite slippery. Remember all the cars and pickups we saw in the ditches on our way to Chiang Khong a while back?

  5. Good to know you and bike relatively unscathed, and as Silverhawk says its good to get a picture in the mind of these variable surfaces, sometimes OK, but as here, no grip for turning, avoid if possible and if cannot, no braking, accelerating or leaning, again if possible. So is there a technique for laying the bike down gently and sliding, rather than violent impact?
  6. Saw the action unfold before my eyes.. Was really concerned at first..

    Praise for the other vehicles on the road.. By the time I had stopped and got off my bike, a pick had stopped as well as a couple of Thais on a bike..

    Everyone helped and all smiles..

    There was a fresh dollop of oil at first when I walked up.
    By the time we went back 10 mins of later to take photos.. The other vehicles had mashed it in to the rest of the road.
    You would never have seen it.

  7. Glad to hear no serious injuries suffered save for the road rash. Get healed up soon. Cheers!
  8. Mate, I dont believe it; I truly dont believe it. Pleased to read you are in one piece.
    To see someone of your experience down twice in around as many weeks is food for thought for all. The pictures accompanying your report show just how easy it is to be duped, to miss something potentially so dangerous. Your advice about protective riding gear so pertinent.
    Pleased to read you are ok though you looked a little uncomfortable in the jacket shot.
  9. blimey, sorry to hear about that David...... a road that does have a lot of traffic....... "one fresh dollop of oil" is all it takes.... can happen anytime to any of us......
    take care everyone, especially at this time of year before we've had enough rain to clean the roads up a bit.
  10. I have a revit jacket as well - not impressed; the thing looks great but it's damn hot when not moving and too cold when moving. Add to that the above - a gentle slide shouldn't look like that?! My YC jacket was (much!) cooler, and stood up well in two different impacts, didn't have a scratch on me. The YC may look less serious but I think it's actually better.

    Good advice on getting the right size and a perfect demonstration ;)

    Glad you're OK!

    PS: Yes Tony the 118 is extremely slippery; if the street is wet you can bet you'll see one or two pick ups in the ditch on this stretch of the road. I was riding it in the rain once and counted 7 (!!) accidents plus a truck doing a 360 right in front of me...
  11. Good to see that you're OK Dave. And as always good info and advice.

    And it did'nt stop your trip; good on ya.

    Would you say that the Honda faired bettter than the Versys? I mean I'm riding a Scoopy now after your first Oooops report.
  12. Thank you David for testing the "oily Route 118" and your mesh gear for us! Even so you are a most experienced driver, next time please rely on factory data. LOL
    As always in this sort of OOOPS ... we are happy when the outcome remains a couple of (relatively minor) bruises and some replacement parts.
    Good food for thoughts about wearing appropriate protective gear. And: "the road begins in front of the door"; something I often tend to forget.
  13. Good to hear you are OK. Shows the sense in wearing protective gear. I despair when I see people on motorcycles with Tshirt, shorts & flipflops! Skin is much harder to replace than sweat.
  14. Curious exactly what Revit jacket you have.
    I agree they are good looking jackets, but I was amazed how easily the mesh & materials tore. Back in Cnx I was able to tear the mesh with just light strength. Not impressed with that much.
  15. David cant help but think the Pirelli Scorpion tyres may have been the problem, i travelled that section on the Versys last week on the same tyres and i was sliding all over the place, now i'm on MT60's and a very happy bunny.

    Looking at the road scrapes you had a very lucky escape with only battle scars.
  16. I have had more 'exciting moments' on that road than I care to mention. There always seems to be a slippery section somewhere along the way.
  17. Hello David,
    Glad to read about the happy end.
    I remember that some years ago you had pointed out a very slippery lef hand curve on that "infamous" 118.
    Nethertheless,soon after, on a bright chilly morning,I was heading to Chiengkong and Laos when overtaking a very slow lorry
    I suddenly slid on my belly with the bike doing the same in front of me.
    Fortunately,the lorry avoided me and there was no other traffic.Not much damage to both rider and bike.
    Seing the photo of your knee sliders,I'm thinking of acquirig a pair of these though I doubt I would not have broke my leg
    wearing such protection.Did you buy them in LOS? Any particular brand to suggest?
    Thanks and cheers, Lung Jack.
  18. David
    Glad your ok a scarey incidents, I know when I hire a bike in Thailand I get funny looks having bought my own biking jackets jeans helmet etc and althought it is hot reminds me to keep doing it.Hope to see you in November for my annual trip
    Safe riding
  19. Glad to hear that you have no serious injuries as you followed the old rule:
    dress for the crash, not dress for the ride.

    I am just back from the MHS loop, amazing how many slippers, shorts and T-shirts I saw on the way to and from the north
  20. Good to see that nothing more happens and big respect, to report such oooops!
    Hopefully this might help to motivate people to wear full protection gear even if its too hot for a comfortable feeling!
    Of corse, when I look to the faces from my family in Chiang Dao when I start wear my clothes in 40°C, I can see that they think "farang baaa" but who cares!
    Many times I see people drive arround in CM by only wearing "chicken skin" and head scarfs instead of helmets which makes me freezing when think about such an oooops happen to them ..... and if only one of them read this fred and learn from it, its allready great!

  21. Ooops I forgot to include a snap of my mesh riding pants...


    minimal damage.
    Impressed. Not body damage & pants are still ok.
  22. Sorry to see you went down David, but looks like you came through pretty lightly scathed... But I think you
    are right, fairly disappointing to see the mesh come apart so easily..

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