Down the Nam Ou

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by guichard, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    Has anyone been down the Nam Ou from Hatsa to Muangkhua since the dam

    is built?

    are there still boats operating up and down stream.

    Any easy access ramps to load or unload bikes?

    Many thanks for any info.

    Lung Jacques.
  2. Interesting post Lung Jacques - I too was thinking about this for a boat 'n bike trip before it is too late.  BUT I understand there are 7 dams going on the Nam Ou with some of them almost complete already. Sadly I think we've "missed the boat."
  3. <p>Yes David,I think it is too late.</p><p>So Sad,The Nam Ou was such a beauty from Hatsa to Muang Khua.</p><p>Auke gave me more infos.</p><p>Cheers,lung Jacques.</p><p> </p><p>PS Still happy with the V Strom?</p>

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