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  1. Greetings!!

    I am planning a trip in March 2009 and now pouring over all the wonderful information this site offers. I received David's Golden Triangle map the other day and have been reading as many trip reports as possible. I simply cannot decide which route(s) for our 6 day adventure and will surely be asking for help, opinions, and guidance.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

  2. six days go north young man go North.

    Hard to miss on that one.
  3. Not to be a downer, but just a heads up. I had planned a March 2007 trip and cancelled it due to the choking smoke and smog that was going on then. Not saying that will happen in '09, but be aware that March doesn't appear to be the clearest/greenest/scenic time to ride the region. NOW is the time for that. Either way, have a great trip.
  4. I've heard about the smoke/smog during that time of year. Is it really so bad that one would cancel their plans?

    There will be three of us on this trip and due to personal schedules, etc... March 2009 is really the only opportunity. If we don't make it happen then I'm afraid I'll (or we'll) never get another chance. While it may not be the best time of year for such an adventure, we're ready to make the most of it.

    Can anyone shed a little light on the smoke/smog potential? Other than visibility what are the affects?

    Also I sure would like anyones MUST DO and SEE list for our trip. As I mentioned, I will never get another chance like this and I sure don't want to miss out on anything!

    Thanks for your replies!!!

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    Thailand is addicting you will be back
  6. Chilly,

    The smoke can be an issue but should not overly influence your decision to come here and ride. The severity depends on weather conditions and this past March it wasn't too bad but 2007 was pretty grim but didn't stop us "locals" going out for some great rides. Trawl back through the North Thailand trip reports posted at that time of year to get a feel for riding conditions.

    "Must see" is pretty subjective but I'd say Doi Suthep in CNX, Doi Mae Salong & the Golden Triangle and possibly Doi Inthanon if you have time. If you want to concentrate on one area - go NE or NW from CNX for great roads.


  7. Chilly,

    Like Pikey said, the smog can be an issue, but it really depends on alot of factors. From reading through this site a few weeks prior to my trip in 2007, it was so bad that people were evacuating CM due to the health effects. You couldnt see any mountains from the city. Ash raining down on the streets, burning eyes, throat, no photo ops due to thick haze etc. Not my idea of fun after a 20+ hour journey and thousands of $$$$.

    Just be vigilant and keep tabs on conditions in the weeks prior to your trip. If SHTF and the GT becomes a big fire pit again, you can always try some other SE-Asian locales described on this site. You dont have to cancel the flight over, just an adjustment once arrived.

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