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  1. Yes, useful but not always correct - check the driving distance between Chiangmai and Khon Kaen = 1629 km. I guess they are wrong by about 1000 km. or so.
  2. Did bit search by self also and it gives estimate,, Ubon to Khoen Kaen 282mk and it's guite accurate

    Ubon Phuket 1491km and that is almost dead on..

    only negative part is that it wont show what roads it is using...
  3. Yes, the other distances seem to be OK. Chiangmai to Khon Kaen was the first one I checked as this is a trip I have to make this weekend on my way to Savannakhet so that made me make the comment.
  4. Yes Auke

    It seems to be bit odd as i checked that as well,, as all the others are more or less +- 100km radius :wink:

    but again, thats why we have GOOD GTR maps, for distances..
  5. I first assumed that they just made a mistake and added by accident a 1 before the distance which would make the distance 629 km. However, if you check the other way round - Khon Kaen to Chiangmai - the distance is 652 km. so my assumption seems not to hold water.

    Also the distance is different from Chiangmai to Trat (1176 km.) than from Trat to Chiangmai (1011 km.).

    Maybe Singbimmer can shed some light on that as it was his/her very first post to the GT Rider Board.
  6. Don't blame 'Singbimmer' for my error .. or promoting. The 2 (javascript) errors cited in this thread have been corrected on the website. The distances were taken from mileage charts published in Thai map books. One was the Lotus Image "Thailand Atlas".

    As I understand, the distances have been computed using major routes.

    Some distance had to be calculated using; from X to BKK + from BKK to Y.
  7. Oldexpat

    That's the good part on here,, "We" dont blame any one, we do observervations and commenting those,, ppl who complaining and give [email protected]#te comments stay in Thaivisa(TV),, :wink:
  8. Hello Guys,

    Is this website also tell me the UK travel distance??? Please let me know is it possible on this website or not?? If not then let me know where i can check the travel distance for UK places..I hope you guys will share some tips or sites.......

    Distance Calculator

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