Driving Unregistered Bikes in Isaan

May 16, 2007
I'm planning to ride my unregistered CB400 from Chiang Mai to Udon and around isaan for month or so. Would I get any hassle from the local police, if so would sort of fine would I expect. Here in chiang mai and any where else in the north isn't a problem.

Are there any local bike meeting places in udon?


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
You might specially if you ride alone,, it's specially with tahi police if there is more than few BIG bikes, they do not stop them, but there is always some guys in uniform who want to make difference,,,,but do like thai guys just drive through with speed,,,atleast they cant get your plate number.....
Aug 7, 2003
Especially in Korat they regularly have police stops to check rego and licence, several big bike shops have had to pay bribes to keep unplated bikes in their shops and those that couldn't pay the steep fines lost their and customers bikes. Import papers only cover the parts, once the bike is assembled it's not parts. A unplated Harley was rumoured to have been siezed at the local motor show. It seems a on and off thing, no hassle for a long time and then on again. Generally don't hassle farangs just for being farangs and I personally have been stopped once in 17 years, just try to drive past and ignore them, they will have a lot of scooters pulled up and will not chase you.Generally they will be shy asking a farang for a bribe, but there is always one ar""hole.


Oct 14, 2005
They have the same check points in Udon, worse tea money I have heard is 500 baht, that was in Nong Khai. I'm stopped once about every three months, mostly they want a drivers license.

When I first bought the current bike didn't have the plate and stickers yet. First time I was asked why no book. Answer it's new bike and the book is being processed, Which was true, they just sent me on my way. They operate down town six days a week.

Never heard of one being siezed. But it is certainly possible.

Biker Bar not really, guys just seem to go where they want to there are a lot of farrang bars in Udon. The closest I can think of is The Down under Bar but that has changed owners so who knows.

Stopping I have seen guys who don't as said they were not chased, me I wouldn't try it.

The only place I have paid was Bangkok and they were not shy at all.

If you get down this way let me know and I will try to introduce you to a few guys If it's a weekend we will probably have a local ride set up if you want to join in.

It's one of thi ose things that a a norm you really donlt have to wory about lots of bikes around here wihtout paltes and no one has had any problems. But there is a law and it can be enforced at any time.