Dropbox Public Folders Will Soon Become Private Folders For Basic Users

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  1. Copy of mail from Dropbox
    We’re always looking to improve the Dropbox sharing experience. The Public folder was the first sharing method we introduced, and since then, we’ve built even better ways for you to share securely and work together with your team.
    As a result, we’ll soon be ending support for the Public folder. Dropbox Basic users will be able to use the Public folder until March 15, 2017. After that date the files in your Public folder will become private, and links to these files will be deactivated. Your files will remain safe in Dropbox.

    It will be much work to move all my pictures on GT-R forum and make new URL's and update them. I'm sure I'm not the only one using Dropbox for pictures shared on GT-R.
    Is there any way the pictures can be stored on GT-R's server? Other suggestions!
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  2. Have you looked at smug mug? Not sure about drop box but they do allow you to import from some other services
  3. Problem with the free services. Change the rules. Bet if you pay you can keep it.
  4. I have been using photobucket for 10 years now. They are quite backward but serve it's purpose.
    Uploading direct into GTR reduces photo in size and quality.
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  5. Smugmug is the way to go.
    Even I have gone back to Smugmug
  6. Upload photos and videos

    You still have the issue of reposting the links...
    But at least the Donkey work of moving the folder and photos over should work..

  7. Did you find any better options?
    I would love to move what I have in photo bucket. But they don't talk to smugmug
  8. Checking out some functions on my own domain page.
  9. I have been using imgur for photos for some time, there are OS plug-ins and widgets available, so you can upload directly from files or drag and drop. You can even upload from a smart phone and be provided with a link.

    Goran has actually a point - they have always been knocked for the past .. forever .. because of their bad compression and their basic uploading methods but photobucket have actually survived when a lot of other photo hosts have just fallen by the wayside.
  10. #share?id=672f09f9-1d46-4612-bf7b-b9d618c99f33
    Just testing..
  12. This is quite an embarrassing problem and happened to me with Picasa that Google dropped. Fortunately (because they are Google) they kept the database alive, and, as such all my links to all former GT-Rider reports are still active. I have now chosen to grab my links from Smugmug, a very nice service that I am using since quite some time. This service, however, has to be subscribed and paid. Dropping Smugmug would mean loosing all illustrations in my published GT-Rider reports. I have not tested other services (Google pictures, Flickr, they might also provide a possibility to share picture links). Finally, the curse is that nothing is definitive (paid or free services). I was once considering to save my reports as .pdf which would provide a safe copy.
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  13. Have you not thought of using some paid-for hosting ? You have a lot of nice pictures, some nice blog content.

    I have (did have, until i lost it ) a blog that i (was) work(ing) on, I paid some small amount, 60B a month or something similar for hosting of the WP blog and all my images. I think i paid for 2-3 years + domain upfront. There will be a file on your server, that you could simply backup or migrate to another server.

    I spoke to a web developer over the NY, who informed me that google notices that certain images and content posted here and on other sites, track back to your personal blog which is all good for your web ranking, etc.
  14. I belong to a couple of torrent sites that are lovingly curated to become almost libraries, its important to keep screenshots and movie posters on the site. They have their own automated hosting, you use the hosting of your choice, but a crawler will go through the database, backup those images and then re-host them on the sites servers. I don't know how much it would cost for extra storage, maybe needs some consideration.
  15. This can be done here also.
    There is an add-on just for this purpose for xenforo.
  16. Yes, its always possible - but theres a question of storage and cost. I'm thinking, as the images are already hosted via photobucket, imgur, whatever you will, then they will already been compressed, so wouldn't need as much room as if an poster was uploading uncompressed files directly to the server.
  17. Not really today.
    I run a root server with 3 TB of storage for less than 50€ a month.

    That's a question of configuration. Compression and changing size can be done by the server also. Xenforo has this option build in.
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    2016-12-22 13.04.35. Will the pictures i've already posted remain visible on the forum after the free Dropbox period ends.
    Just testing...
    2016-12-22 13.04.35. 2016-12-22 11.11.40-1. 2016-12-22 13.04.35.

  19. I would imagine once the access is shut off..
    The images will no longer be available and any links will be dead..
  20. This works for Google Drive.
    Steps to do it:
    - Create a folder named "Public" under "My Drive" folder
    - Right click on this folder, context menu opened, choose "Share..."
    - In the "Share with others" dialog, click on "Get shareable link" (after that, the link icon will turn to green)
    - Click on "Done" button
    - Drag and drop an image to this folder
    - Right click on this image, context menu opened, choose "Share..."
    - In the "Share with others" dialog, click on "Copy link"
    - Paste this copied link to a new tab, an image will display. Right click on this image.
    - Choose "Copy image URL" from context menu
    - Finally, paste this copied link to your forum post.

    It will work from the Web page for Google Drive.
  21. Until yesterday my google drive was 15GB capacity. That covers my gmail too.
    Today google increased capacity to 115GB!
    It was reward for posting my photos on google maps, some 1300+ of them so far. I got 3,000,000 (yes 3 million) views on google maps and apparently once you reach this landmark they give you extra 100GB. Had no idea.


    screen2. Well check this out:

    screen. screen2.
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  22. Thanks Oddvar - used your instructions - with a little tweak because I am using Win 10 - done deal.

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