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  1. Looking for a Suzuki drz 400sm and a Honda xr 650r in Thailand. I would also like to sell my Kawasaki D-tracker 2003 model. The colors are green and black and i got a brand new engine on it 5 mounths ago. The price for the D-tracker is 120 000 bath. The bike is on Koh chang (Trat).
  2. Hi there, I have 3 brand new suzuki drz sm at the shop, come and take a look or pop in the shop for a chat,

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  3. Hi Bodisatwa,

    For your information there are 3 SUZUKI DRZ 400 SM 2005 model (second hand) in perfect conditions as well at RED BARON in Bangkok.

    These bikes are directly imported from Japan, the usual Japanese second hand workflow.

    If you want other informations just PM me.

    Hope it could help.
  4. Thanks for the help. I have been looking at al the shops in Bkk including Red baron and theres no doubt that the prices at Red baron is the best. I only wonder if that includes registration papers?
    To be honest it would feel better for me to get a brand new drz from xtrembikes but sadly it´s a bit of a overprice even for a direct import japanese assembled bike. Well, i will arrive in Bkk aug 26 so i think i´ll just check it out at the shops.
    Thanks mates!
  5. Hello Bodisatwa,

    If you get an uncorked XR650R/Big Red Pig, make sure you get a large tank with it or be prepared to stop every 138km to fill up. Mine does only 110km before going on to reserve, but is is good fun ;-)
  6. i heard its possible to get two wee add on tanks that expand fuel storage XR650R
  7. How much should i pay for the xr650r?? I´m looking for a newer version. And where should i look for one? I have been on the internet for 3 days trying to find one but it seems like it´s only 250s everywhere.
  8. Just look at the km it has done, there is no difference apart from the stickers between a 2000 model and a 2007.
  9. Hi Bodisatwa,

    About acquiring the bike I was exactly in the same mood like you are about prefering to buy a brand new SUZUKI DRZ from at MOTOZONE/EXTREMEBIKE.

    I went there at this time they only had 400 SM (SuperMotard) and no S (X) Bikes were brand new and apart that I have no opinion on the shop (despites all negative posts about previous owners/managers) I thought the spend was too high (around more or less 480.000 TBH) for such bike and in the meantime I saw some GT-Riders wanting to sell their BMW 1150 GS for a nearow price....Hum, I was bvery embarass and did know what to do...

    Then I decide to go for the wise solution acquiring a second hand low mileage SUZUKI for 240.000 TBH with a lot of brand newaccessories such as new handle bar with protection, new tires...from a reliable company I know.

    This was my choice, I regret a bit the BMW but ...and on top I hesitate as well to go fro a brand new 1200 GS at BARCELONA for 1.100.000 TBH....

    I kept the money for something else (or an other bike who knows...).

    This is my experiment, hope it helps you to know about it. The DRZ I acquire works perfectly, I means, no surprise, it is not ann extreme bike...
  10. Hi again, for your information, the brand new drz sm are priced at 425,000 Baht inc reg and book, The bikes were actually imported from singapore as a whole bike, not from japan and reassembled as one of the members posted, ( i dont know why he said that). Therefore the price is slightly higher than a reassembled bike brought from japan.

    The bikes have all owners manual etc.



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  11. Alex,

    Sorry but you did read me well when talking about re-assembly bikes I was talking about second hand bikes imported from Japan.

    This is a current practice for a lot of people (shops and private) for Custom Tax Cost Avoidance....You should not ignore even if you choose a different option to get the bikes you commercialise ???

    For the price I wasn't completly sure thus I wrote "more or less 480.000 TBH" but now that you trouble me with it I found in my mails that you proposed me initially 460.000 TBH... so I was not far !

    Now, when I visted your shop, bikes I saw (2 black color) were brand new, in perfect conditions but that were only DRZ - SM (Super motard version) and nothe one I was looking for a S version (enduro/cross) with of course no plate as just arrived and not yet registred which means maybe a Green Book in 3 month....

    Hope the good understanding is restablished with this now !!!
  12. I have seen the new sale prices at extreme bikes and yes its a lower price now. I think that within a year the drz400sm (07 model) is down to 250000-300000 (second hand) and the 05 model is down to 150000-200000 (if we are lucky)
    The bike itself is a reliable, "strong" machine so i dont think people will have any problem with it even if it´s a second hand bike. I think´the smartest thing is to wait a while until private people starting to sell thir drz,s and you will still have a reliable bike at an ok price. The thing is, that if you want a realy good ofroad bike with some power the drz is not the best choise even if the price should be normal (250000). Im sure that i can find a Honda xr650r at 150000 (second hand) and then you have a reliable, very strong bike for the right price.
    I think that the right place to go for the drz is red baron where the price is ok even if it´s a 05.
  13. Hi Bodisatwa,

    In fact, for me that's done, I bought from RED BARON a SUZUKI DRZ 400 S looking brand new for 240.000 TBH coming with new Dunlop Cross tires (Japan made) and few other accessories I source myself at DIRT SHOP.

    For what I am looking for, I think the power is enough, as on an other hand I have the DUCATI S2R 1000 Monster t-o enjoy speed a bit more, but is it really necessary down here...

    I know the model since years, that's a classic, should not be any surprise.

    I would again recommand RED BARON I know their reliability and skills since years.

    Being Thai managed, they belong to a Japanese RED BARON mother Company well established in Japan and they won't cheat as it would endanger the good reputation of their Group.
  14. I know what you mean. The drz is a very good bike and im not saying that the power is not enough, what i mean is that if you want an offroad bike at a good price you can get the xr650r for less money but with more power.
    As i said before, i´m driving a Kawasaki D-tracker and even if it´s only a 250cc its more than enough where i stay.
    The reason why im looking for a bigger bike is that i want to drive from Koh Chang (trat) to Chiang mai and take a couple of days up there driving. I think the D-tracker is too smal for that kind of distance driving.
    No mather what, i have to wait until next year becouse i have my 5 mounth old doughter to take care of so hopefully i will show up at the famous café around october next year.
    Take care!

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