Dtx250 Hard Time Engaging Gear From Standstill, Idle Speed?


Feb 16, 2010
I bought a used 2008 D-Tracker 250X that was originally bought from Kawi Chiang Mai. I got it with 2000 KMs on it and it was clearly never dropped and it never overheats. It now has about 2500 KMs on the odo.

When I'm at the 3 minute intersections here in BKK, I'm usually waiting in neutral. My problem is half the time the bike won't go from neutral into first gear or up to second gear. It won't engage a gear unless I roll the bike forward or back a foot and it clicks into gear. This is dangerous because I have cars behind me wanting to rear end me.

This is my 4th motorcycle so naturally I checked the shift lever is good and the clutch cable tension is maxed out so there's no slack. The clutch engages within the first 25% of lever travel but even if I pull the lever all the way to the grip, it still has this problem.

When I'm moving along it has no problems downshifting or upshifting with minimal lever pull through all the gears and finding neutral is never a problem. The ECU is derestricted so I've tracked the bike and the tranny works fine under racetrack conditions. It has never skipped or accidentally popped out of neutral or gear either. It's only when I'm stopped in neutral and want to start moving it won't engage, half the time.

I brought it to the Kawi BKK dealer and they changed the oil and reduced the idle speed from ~1400rpm to ~1000 rpm. I thought this helped but then the engine died out on me at an intersection so I raised RPM to 1200 again.

Since this is the latest iteration of KLX the shift star is updated and I think of no relation to this problem. The original owner was older and said he had several motorcycles in the past so I figured he wasn't too harsh on the break in.

What is the standard idle speed on these bikes?
Any of you guys have this problem and it went away after a few thousand KMs?
Is it even possible to damage this tranny?
I've never abused the clutch or tranny, just regular smooth shifting but maybe some of you have been harsh shifting your trannys, but have you ever actually damaged it?
Is there anything else external I can check or will I have to let Kawi rip the entire tranny apart?
How long is Kawi's warranty on the DTX250 here in Thailand?

Thanks in advance, Ted