Ducati 900SS

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  1. 1997 Ducati 900 Supersport

    This bike really moves!
    Add ons:

    Termignoni dual exhaust
    K&N jet kit
    Zero Gravity windsrcreen
    Larger oil cooler installed
    rebuilt clutch slave cylinder (With Ducati parts from U.S.)

    This bike has invoice and excise tax fully paid. This means the police can give you a ticket for not having a license plate, but cannot take your bike. I have tested this and followed the policeman to the station and paid the fine. I was out in 5 minutes. You can if you desire also pay on the spot.

    Thank you, Eric

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  2. Sorry! The price is 175,000 obo
    Phone# 0814884018
  3. I asked around and I guess the going rate for these is a little lower than I thought. So the new price is 150,000 obo.

    Thank you, Eric
  4. If it is not sold by time I return to Thailand in June I would be very intersted to add it to my collection of Ducatis ...why have you never registered it for green book ??? how many Kms on the clock .
  5. I will actually leave in April and come back early June. So it might still be around then. I haven't bothered with the green book because it costs a lot and I really don't need it here in Chiang Mai. I don't ride around into the center of the city much with it and that is where all the traps the police set up are. There is just no need here. You would have to pay a lot of fines to amount to the 50,000 to green book it.
    It currently has about 33,000 kms. I bought it about 6 months ago and replaced the speedo cable as it wasn't working. So I think it has a few more than indicated. I have owned 3 RC51's in the states (modified well) and I thought this bike would be a step down. But this this bike really pulls. It feels like it is almost as fast. I recently had the carburetors cleaned and syncronized and it made a world of difference. Also the riding position is comfortable and the suspension is set up perfect and feels great riding around unlike most sportbikes.
    The only reason I am getting rid of it is I want a DRZ 400. In fact if anybody else is reading this I am open to trades for DRZ 400's enduro or supermoto.

    Thank you, Eric
  6. Eric I already own 3 dukes ,I love them the 900ss is a beauty , they have wonderful road manners and a stomping engine .
  7. The Ducati is now on consignment at The Piston Shop in Chiang Mai. It is for sale for 145,000. If you want to buy it you can contact Nat.-0819524433.

    Thank you, Eric
  8. Hello, are you back in Thailand? Plans have changed and I wont make it back for a few months. The Ducati is still for sale at the Piston Shop. I have lowered the price to 135,000.

    Thank you, Eric

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