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  1. After 18 great years here in Fantasyland it's almost time to move on so selling everything including my 2002 Ducati 998 Biposto.
    After a brief visit here and having ridden the bike again I have put new Pirelli Angel tyres on it, new timing belts and checked the valve clearances.
    Aside from the silly side stand switch not working occasionally it'll be parked up again waiting for a new owner!
    The road tax and insurance are paid until Jan 2010 and obviously it has the green book. It's advertised in other places at 399,000 baht ono. The very nice people that have mailed me recently with idiotic offers don't need to bother. A close offer is NOT 200,000 baht as one mathmatical genius seemed to think!
    Others can call Joe 0n 053 251 186 and not the following, now obsolete number which I can't delete from here 081 8829147

  2. Guess I should mention I'm open to trading down to either a good DRZ400 or late model XR250 providing they have legit registration, with the appropriate cash difference of course!
  3. I guess you're not doing the normal moving on (leaving Thailand) but rather changing your hobby a little bit and changing bikes.

    Good, I was hoping that you were not just another person that could not handle the pressures here in Thailand and decided to admit defeat and go elsewhere.

    On another note; you have a beautiful bike and I would love to own a Ducatti as I have never even ridden one but that will not happen in this lifetime. I'm retired and can't afford one.

    Hope you find what you're looking for. It's not what you ride but rather how you ride what you have.

  4. I dunno. From his first sentence, it appears he's leaving the country.
  5. Yes, leaving in the search of a job otherwise I wouldn't selling the bike at all! Happy to swap for a smaller bike and leave it here though for future trips.
  6. .......and it will be a big loss to GT-Riders especially in the Chiang Mai area. Snail is probably the best mechanic in Thailand and a VERY skilled rider. Hope you change your mind! :cry:
  7. Hi Friends,

    Allways sad to learn about someone leaving and especially a Ducati Rider...
  8. Hmm, seems I'm behind the times regarding recent Duck prices. Apparently 475,000 is closer to what I should be asking according to a couple of the local shops so I guess that's all I can ask!
    475,000 baht :-(
  9. Bikes still for sale but at the adjusted price to follow the market. 399,000 baht now.
    The bike is parked in Chiang Mai should anyone be interested to look and as I've just left the country, the green book and relevant documents are signed and ready for a buyer!
    Phone 053 251186 for more info
  10. Hi,
    would you trade an 2007 xr 400.SM.

    Regards Rigsy
  11. Possibly do a trade. Please PM me with more details of the bike and what offer you had in mind! Ta
  12. Hi,
    I have a 2007 Xr400SM. It's done about 12,500km. Very very nice condition. Standard except for pro taper bars and pipe. Electric start. I have never registered it ( but has invoice and docs to register) as I only ride it between home and our business (about 3km per day). Its the black and white model which is quite rare and is a good looking bike. Oil changed every 1000km and new filter included. I have a set of wheels from my CR125 on it at present and occasionally do a bit of dirt riding on it in the back yard. Tyres on motard wheels approx 80%. Never dropped.
    I thought 200k plus XR would be a fair trade on the Ducati. Your thoughts?

    Regards Rigsy
  13. Hi, your bike sounds nice but I wouldn't consider anything that is not registered. Prices are too variable and regulations can change too quickly!
  14. Lek
    Have you sold this yet?
  15. Thats a lovely bike Lek , if i did not have 3 Ducatis already i would like it,

    what happened to those Heads I took yo your mate in UK 2 years ago?

  16. Jerry the parts ended up getting lost or thrown out! The house where the heads were delivered had to be evacuated in a bit of a hurry......no other details available.
    I'll bring the rest of the 851 parts I have over here, along with the 998 if it doesn't sell. Summer is coming and I am stuck in a car....... :oops:
  17. Just edited my original post with some updates after a visit to ride the bike again!
  18. 399,000 baht is a very reasonable price for such a special machine the cheapest new Ducati is the 696 monster and that will cost 700,000 baht and a 1098 is 1.6million.

    A 998 was sold recently by Chonburi superbike for 480,000 + 80,000 for registration and it was not inas good condition as Leks machine.
  19. I agree Mon,

    I should even say "very fair price" for this kind of bike!..

    Mmmmmh, if I was not with something yet in mind...

    Good luck for the sale Lek,
  20. Considering the bike has been properly serviced by one of the best mechanics in SEA [David Lek himself],
    he has also improved it with stylish and necessary for Thailand cooling grills and fan.
    This is a perfect opportunity to pick up the last version of the classic 916/996/998 bike,
    before they went all Argentinian and buggered up the design.
    The price, in Thai terms, is a steal considering what new ones cost.
  21. :( The bike is now sold and regretting it already
  22. Whoever bought it got a great bike ....Good luck David.

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