Ducati Attack Helicopter

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  1. My wife love bikes ...but she complains that my Ducati S4 sound like an Attack Helicopter is does not wiiirrrr / howl like a jap ,or roar like a Triumph boom like other dukes or POTATO POTATO like HDs she says with the combination RARP BOOM ROAR CLATTER SUCK RATTLE CLICKETY CLICK noises it makes it sound like a military attack helicopter ......thats class!

    due to these noises many bystanders stare at the bike believing its about to self destruct but its due to the dry clutch rattling around at ligh frequency.
  2. Hi Jerry,

    This makes the charm of it...A sound you can recognise among everyones.

    The L engine, the open clutch, the "liberated air filter breath" and a pair of Termignoni (or as you did Home Modified ones)... That's it.

    Should we push to call it the Ferrari of the bikes...
  3. Bought open Termis then Opened them up and cut more out of the sound deadning when i was fitting the PC3 ,also the head mods and the super rattly clutch .
  4. I've sent you some K Jell for that dry old clutch..... :D

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