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  1. DUCATI Chiangmai ... Countdown to Grand Opening Day on Dec. 8th, 2012

    off Nimmanhaemin
  2. Hi friends,

    Lucky guys these Northern folks !
  3. December 8th, good to know.

    Nimmanhemin Soi 9

    To make the celebrations worth-while Ducati has released a bunch of new bikes, presumably all made in Thailand:
    Hypermotard 820,
    Hypermotard SP,
    Diavel Strada (touring version of the Diavel!)

    I was dead set on a Hyperstrada, Ducati can do no wrong when it comes to design, and a mini multi was just such a good idea. Unfortunately ... not so, the hyperstrada seems to have gotten all the worst bits from the Mutlistrada and the hypermotard, ewww. The others look good, even the Diavel Strada, at least if you're into that kind of thing.

    Edit: None of the above bikes are actually made in Thailand, they cost from 800k for the basic Hyper to a staggering 1.9M for the Diavel Strada. Either Ducati has lost it completely, or they're made in Italy. I am guessing the latter.
  4. An email from Khun Oat, now working for Ducati:

    Ducati Chiang Mai opening party, 8th December 2012
    I invite my friends. Together in honor of the Grand Opening Ducati Chiangmai on Saturday, Dec 8, 2555, at Ducati Chiangmai.
    Nimmanhaemin Rd Soi 9 in reference to the google map link that I sent you.
    The event will begin at 18:00 am at the end. 21.00. Would like to invite everyone to participate in the prestigious event.
    If you have any questions. Ask for details at (oats) 084 046 8846.
    The Ducati Chiangmai look forward to a response from anyone.

    Pls. Forward this invitation to your connection and hope to see you sir....
  5. Didn't get too many photos but there were some absolutely awesome bikes at the opening - who knew so many nice Ducatis are in Thailand?!


    There were two Paul Smart edition Ducs - my favorite. I am not usually a fan of classic bikes but this one's pure perfection.


    Especially the one with the brown leather seat! (sorry for the quality - the phone was straining a bit in the dark)


    Look me in the eye


    Sorry no shots of the dancing pretties, or the big boss cutting the line - it was the usual, nothing too exciting but certainly well done and a good opening.
  6. Popped into Ducati Chiang Mai today to check up stock & the shop.










    Business must be good because almost every bike had a sold sign on it.
    & the man to contact for a bike, Khun Chaddy


    The Chiang Mai Ducati guys have regular rides on Sunday, so if you want to go, pop into Ducati & have a chat to Chaddy.

    and if you wanna buy one, the prices...


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