ducati M900 to sell

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  1. Ducati monster M900 year 99
    No license plate ,but excellent invoice ,with stamp of tax clearance .Ready to register in easy and fast process.
    Excellent condition .Freshly painted .
    Termignoni exhaust .engine runs perfect .
    only 230 000 baht
    Any information please
    Contact fabrice

  2. Hi, Fabrice,

    Any picture of the bike, who does service it and where ?
  3. in Chaing Mai or Bangkok or somewhere?
  4. if you want pic of the bike send me email to [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    the bike is in chiang mai .
    it is service by a friend of mine wich is very experimented about Ducatis ....here in chiang mai ..
  5. Any pix.?
  6. mister G3 BIKE SHOP

    Why you still want to see the pic of the bike .
    U had it in your shop to install a jet kit and instead of that you F*** completely my carbs ,till i have no other choice than buying a new one ......
    If i was you ,i would go and make myself very small in a corner instead of asking for pix ....

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