Ducati Monster S4 916cc for sale

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  1. 2001 Monster S4 916cc 115bhp 6 speed gearbox.

    19,000kms, Many Modifications , and over 170,000 baht extras

    Yoshimura handlebar system and top yoke , Termigoni C/F exhausts , Full floater brembo Brakes, CGI adjustable levers, power commander , K&N airbox, bellyPan, new tyres, radiator protectors, new chain and sprockets, vernier chain adjusters.

    includes many spares and workshop manuals.

    Complete with Full registration and Green Book.
    In pattaya call Jerry on 0866141903

    For Sale at 385,000 baht

    Will be replaced with New Bike .

    Photos can be emailed as I cant get them to upload.
  2. Monstermans Monster
  3. Going for the new 1100cc Monster?
    Or perhaps the Streetfighter?
  4. Going for the new 1100cc Monster?
    Or perhaps the Streetfighter?
    Too expensive ! The streetfighter is ugly anyhow , could be intersted in kawasaki ER6, or a Bonny,St triple 675 (probably too expensive)
    W650 ...something smaller and lower as my hips are playing up .. A M750 would be good too.

    I like the new Triumphs but the Thai prices are a ripoff as the Bonny is assembled here and should sell for 395,000-445,000 if my calculations are correct based on BOI figures and customs for CKD cars.Someone is making a big profit on the machines .

    any how nothing can happen until ducati sold.
  5. Customs dept. and the dealers, I guess.
  6. Oh I have owned a lot of jap bikes , the ones I loved were the Yamaha XS650 had 3 of them one bored out to 850 and lightened to 350lbs a real torque monster, also loved my Honda VFR 750s and strangely a yamaha XS1100......but the ones that disappointed were CB1300, TDM 850, Genesis 1000, CB400, VFR800, Firestorm1000, Fazer 600, Kawasaki ZXR 1100
    after buying them I soon hated them and got rid of them within weeks.

    I like Kawasakis W650 which has a 360 crank if i could find a really good one for 200,000 with book unbuggered by Thais ,but the ER6 is a 180 degree crank so i may not like it .
    I like working on jap bikes , beautiful engineering but most leave me cold as riding tools.I dont dig in line 4s power characteristics , nor japanese v twins ,styling .

    My favourite bikes are Ducati,triumph, Moto Guzzi,Morini,KTM Norton and some Hds and buells
    I would love the new Moto guzzi retro 750 but i am not prepared to pay more than 400,000 for any bike in Thailand .

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