DUCATI Monsters !

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  1. Are there some Monsters on this Forum ?

    Big Hello from Laurent, DUCATI's rider in BKK from time to time

    Laurent Paris-Bangkok
  2. Hi Laurent.

    I have 2 Ducati monsters an S4916 in Thailand and M750 in England.
    i do most of my own servicing and tuning.

  3. Hi Jerry,

    S4 916, hummm... Good bike, water cooled, not too sophisticated for Thailand riding ?

    Who is maintening the Beast ?

    Any advice, will be around for X'Mas any meetings ???
  4. I do all my own maintainance, Its not to sophisticated , had HDs here for years but missed a decent bike , then his one came up , still have the M750 in UK also.
    I am here at XMAS I live in Pattaya ,

  5. have two monster
    m900 99
    s4rs 06
  6. Hi, Fabrice,

    Ijust start driving my Monster S2R tuned with the DUCATI Performance exhaust kit (TERMIGNIONI exhaust, open air filter box + special air filter and a redesigned ECU). I should say in BKK, it' s completly useless and spoiling for the bike.

    But a Monster is a Monster and when you love it... I'm pretty sure you understand.

    At present, I forecast a 400 DRZ SUZUKI at RED BARON, I have to convince my wife to grant some money !!!

    I saw your advert for the sale of the M900, a bit too late for me, when I imported mine I even ignore the existence of an official DUCATI Dealer in BKK.

    Anyway, hope to meet you once, returning to france in one week, this will be for the summer.

    Hi Jerry,

    I intend to travel to Pattaya, in 2 days, issue is for me i have to wait for some Thai friends who know the way I can drive on with the bike to exit BKK. Hope to see you, we'll discuss about bike maintenance in TH.
  7. hope to see you soon

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