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  1. Was looking through recent edition of Bike where they reviewed the 2010 Versys and noted that they thought the OEM tyres were crap and recommended that whoever bought a Versys get some Dunlop Roadmart tyres fitted.

    Bike also rate the roadsmart as their favourite sports touring tyre giving it four stars, almost no other make got four stars apart from Pirelli Angel ST.

    The roadsmart is the OEM supply here for the Er6n too.

    So the question is if Bike say they are so good why does most people in this forum say there crap.
  2. Don't know, I had lots of slippage on my ER-6n with the Dunlop Roadsmarts (stock). Then I switched to the Bridgestone Battlax (stock on the Ninja 650) - and they are great. They stick to the roads.

    Maybe the climate doesn't agree with the roadsmarts? I don't know. I didn't read any reviews on them, I just noticed my rear slipping every now and then.
  3. I've been quite mystified by this issue as well as I had the stock Dunlop Roadsmarts on my 2009 ER6n and found them very slippery. :shock:

    Changed to Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pros and it made a WORLD of difference. Then bought the Ninja 650R with Bridgestone Battlax BT021s and have been VERY happy with these tires. :thumbup:

    The Dunlop Roadsmart has received rave reviews yet I can spin 'em in second gear with a handful of throttle and slide 'em through corners motard-style without much effort... I dunno how to explain it.

    I was following a Thai guy when he binned his 2009 ER6n in Honda corner at the last Pirelli Track day and sure enough he was running the stock Dunlop Roadsmarts. He'd already done a few laps so the tires should have been warm, they weren't terribly worn, and he was nowhere near full lean when his rear tire slid out from under him and he did a lazy low side into the gravel...

    The reviewers love 'em. :thumbup: I hate 'em. :thumbdown:

    Fortunately Kawasaki changed to Bridgestone for 2010 and I'm hoping that's what will come with the new Versys. If the Versys comes with Dunlops I'll get rid of them first thing and replace with Bridgestone or Pirelli.

    Ride On!

    Tony :happy5:
  4. What are the chances of the ones Bike and motorcycle superstore being European/American and the ones in Thailand being Japanese or Chinese or something???

    I know in rally tyres for cars they would call them by the same name out of the Japanese and European factory, but they were very different tryes...

  5. Called Kwackerzaki today and asked 'em what kind of tires would come on the 2011 Versys here in Thailand.

    They said the specs aren't final but that the showroom bike they just received is wearing Dunlop Sportmax D221 tires...

    Was down that way today so stopped in to take some pictures-
    Nice looking bike! :thumbup:

    The Dunlop Sportmax D221G:

    One more view:

    A quick google search didn't turn up much info about this tire...

    Pretty weak reviews on this site:

    Not exactly confidence inspiring... :roll:

    I think I'll have them switch the tires on my Versys to the Bridgestone Battlax BT021s and get an extra set of wheels which will wear some Pirelli MT60RS's like I had on my old ER6n-


    Let the Good Times ROLL!


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  6. Just an update on Bike mags tyre report from August edition , Bridgestone now have a new sports touring offer the BT023 which they say is now the best sports tourer tyre superseding the BT021.

    also quote from the same review regarding the roadsmart : " the rear starts to wriggle in second gear under hard acceleration".

    final interesting thing the temperature rise on the dunlop was from 18 to 63.6 degrees during the test on the dunlop and only from 24 to 54 degrees on the bridgestone.

    so with the higher temperatures here in thailand perhaps the roadsmart gets to a temp that affects the rubber/handling?
  7. Ah! Great to finally hear of a review that confirms some of our comments here.

    (I was starting to think I was mad when I first got the ER6n and was slipping and sliding all over the place!)

    Strange though that the same tire has received glowing 5 star reviews by some other large publications in the US...

    You may well be right that the temperature has a noticeable influence on the performance of the tire here in the tropics which was perhaps not as noticeable when the tire was reviewed in temperate conditions...

    Anyway- I'll NEVER use a Roadsmart again, not when there are so many other choices readily available.

    Ride On!

  8. Roadsmarts made in USA or Europe are great and a best seller every one raves aboutb them but the Asian formula is not the same so they are more slippery , has always been so with Asian made dunlops .even when made in Japan ...why ?
  9. I've heard that too- that Dunlop makes tires with the same branding but different specs, but I've never been able to confirm if this is really true nor why in the world they would do such a thing... Bottom line, due to the poor performance of the Dunlops I've tried and the uncertainty regarding different "formulas" for different markets I'll stay away from that brand and stick with the brands I like- Bridgestone and Pirelli. Bridgestone was all I ever used in the US and Japan and I never tried Pirelli until I came to Thailand. Have to say Pirelli tires are the best I've ever experienced :thumbup:
    Ride On!
    Tony :happy5:
  10. Pirelli and Metzlers are the same all made in one Factory so MEZ 8 or MEZ5 and 6 are greats tyres as are pirellis. I have pirelli Diablo Rosso corse on the S54 in thailand
    MetzlersMEZ6 on the M750 in UK and Dunlops D207 on the 750ss
  11. Hi Tony
    Just wondering how the performance of the Pirelli MT60rs was on the ER6.
    I need a new set of tyres when I get back in December and was thinking of getting a dual purpose rubber. We are probably doing a trip to Lao while we are back.
    Did you get to test them on any loose gravel roads while you had them?

    Thanks BJ
  12. Hi BJ,

    Well, I'm NOT an experienced off road rider, so not sure if I'm "qualified" to review the MT60 tires, but personally I had a blast with them both on and off pavement and found myself looking for dirty roads everywhere I went.
    Not sure if that really helps answer your question though...
    I'll be getting a set for my Versys asap. :mrgreen:
    Ride On!
  13. Sounds like what I need Tony
    Read a few reports on those tyres and they sound good,
    but good to hear from someone who has ridden on the same bike in Thailand with them.
    Who do you buy your Pirrelis from in BKK? I need to get some sent up to CNX when I get there.
    Thanks for the help
  14. Give Charlie and Ko at ShowPow a call.
    They're a very nice english speaking couple and can ship tires to anywhere in Thailand.
    Tell 'em Tony sent you :mrgreen:
    Ride On!
  15. By the way the stock Versys tires are not Roadsmarts, they're Dunlop D221 Sportmax tires. Disliked them just the same though.
  16. Yup, I mentioned that earlier in the thread, along with pics of the tires on the bike and I have to agree with you- if you believe half of the reviews out there then the Sportmax's are even WORSE than the Roadsmarts... :thumbdown:

    Then again, there are some reviewers out there who LOVE the roadsmarts so I guess it's important to keep an open mind and decide for yourself.

    Anyway- I've got a BRAND NEW set of these Dunlop Sportmax tires for sale CHEAP:

    120/70/17 front 160/60/17 rear.

    (Had them taken off of my Versys prior to delivery). I'll take some more pics and post them in the Buy/Sell section.

    I think they retail for somewhere between 9000-10000 Baht a set but I'll be happy to give them away for 5000 Baht obo.

    I think for gentle touring these tires are probably fine, but for anyone who likes to push the pace a bit I think these Dunlops may NOT be up to the task.

    Ride On!

  17. Agree- if you want one tire that can pretty much do it all then the Pirelli Scorpion is the way to go! :happy5:

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