Dust/splash-proof case for iPhone 3gs from Biologic

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  1. In search of a protective case with mount for the iPhone to allow gps use while riding, i finally found this one from Biologic.

    The features i was looking for was that it should be easy to mount on and off the bike, be dust and water-, or at least splash-proof and allow full use of the touch-screen, charging and camera while in the case.

    This case does all of that, and it also gives you access to the headphone jack, home- and power button. All to a price of 19.99 US$.

    Shipping (10 us$) was lightning fast. Ordered 19/3 arrived 21/3. 285THB. in duty.

    The standard mount looked a bit flimsy so i also got a extra, heavy duty bracket, for 14.99$


    Inside of the case, really snug fit for the phone.

    Charging-cable fits nicely in there.

    The not so solid standard mount. Couldn't find a good way to fit the tougher bracket on the Er6.
    (It could easily be done with a bit of fiddling, but the bike is rented so i rather not..)

    The case swivels,

    allowing you to use the view you prefer.

    So far i've only used it for a couple of short test rides and it works fine. The film covering the touch screen takes some of the brightness, but there is still more than enough if you crank up the settings a bit. The overall quality is good. Altough the hinge is a bit flimsy and would easily brake if you put too much force on it if. There's also s odd extra rubber lock o-ring that makes the construction feel a bit clumsy (both seems to have been corrected for the iPhone4 case). But i still feel the phone is well protected and i could drop it without braking it or the case. However, these cases are aimed for bicycles, so dropping it doing 140 might have a different outcome. I was also hoping to be able to use this case to take videos but i haven't tried that yet, couldn't find a good spot to place the bracket. On the other hand, with this case, i could use one of those (not so expensive) "squeeze-around-holders" with out having to worry about dust and grit to much.

    My only real concern is since the case is dust'n splash proof it also means its ventilation proof.. Maybe heat will become a issue? Time will tell.
  2. Thanks for the review ... the 2 point you do mention are exactly what I was wondering also.

    1. Dust proof means also air-proof and thus hot inside? Mind you when the phone is charging, using the screen and using GPS there is already an lot of heat building. That added to the outside heat here in LOS.

    2. The mounting looks indeed not the best, and to close to the handle-bar so to far from the riders view and I think no option to use the camera.

    Of course you could put the all case in a universal RAM-mount (which I think are the best for motorbikes), but why did they not used that already? Although I would like to use an "fixed" mounting system as (in my car) I have lost my phone already with other car-mounts. Would not like that to happen on the bike.

    Chang Noi
  3. I just bought a H10 Bike mount for Iphone 4, 4S, 3G and 3GS (Luxa2). It actually looks like the Biologic, only here in LOS I paid 1200thb for it.

    It is been sold as a IPX4 water resistance product, so do not use it for swimming.
    It is also been sold as "fit most common handlebar size (21mm - 32mm)" and I do not know the size of the handlebar of the Versys but is just fits or actually just not (so I will need to put some tape on the handlebar).

    It comes with a clip to use the case on your belt. And while on the bike you can charge it also because there is space for the charger connector. But exactly for the Apple charger connector.

    The swingle did go a little bit to easy so I adjusted 1 centre screw. The touch-sensitive membrane works wonderful, although with sun-light it reflects a bit.

    It all seems a good and safe way of holding the Iphone to your handlebar. Now we have to test how it will work in real life ... that is riding in the sun while the device is charging and the screen is on for navigation (so also GPS is on). There will be a lot of heat production inside that case .... we will see if the device will switch of due to overheating.

    Chang Noi
  4. Looks good, (very similar but i like the locks and bracket better on this one). Where did you find it?

    Please tell how it works out.
  5. Well the case is perfect (although maybe to perfect and hot).
    The handlebar-mount is also good (although I needed some tape on my handlebar).
    But installing the all thing on the most logical place did give me an problem when I use my tank-bag. When steering to the left the case will hit my tank-bag.

    That would be no problem ... if it were not that the mounting between the case and the handlebar-mount is SHIT. So I steer to the left, the case hits the tank-bag and the case falls of the handlebar-mounting. Good I saw it coming and tested it at home!

    In short : useless like this. And I am happy I did find out this way that the in-between-mounting sucks, because even without the tank-bag problem I would not trust it anymore.
    Solution would be to just clue the all in-between-mounting, but then your expensive Iphone is hanging on clue? No way!

    Another solution would be to mount the case on an RAM-mounting-ball (that I also have). I think I can do that easily and I will try that asap.
    The advantage of the RAM-mounting is that it gives me more positions where to install it on the handle-bar.

    So on my tour tomorrow my Iphone will be in my tank-bag again.

    Chang Noi
  6. Thanks for the update.

    Where did you get the case from?
  7. I bought it at Istudio at Central Plaza Khon Kaen

    Chang Noi

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