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  1. Ok Ok so ... I've done my research and figured out I want the Garmin 60csx as I'd like to keep a record of the places I visit and find some interesting ways to get to interesting places. Now the question is why pay double the price to buy locally. Is there a catch I'm not seeing?
    If I buy from E-Bay with Thai maps I'm lookin at about 12,000 baht as opposed to buying from a local outlet for 25,300 baht. I may be missing some important point. Any comments?
  2. Well, it is up to you. There are a few things which you may consider. Buying from Ebay may imply that Garmin will not provide warranty as Garmin normally only honors warranty issues when bought from an authorized dealer.

    Another thing you may consider is that, in case you have a problem with the unit, it will probably be the local dealer which will help you out by trying to solve the problem. I know that there are other people around who have a lot of knowledge about GPS stuff and who are able to help but these people may not be around when a problem crops up.
  3. I have had good luck with E-bay. As long as it's a reputable dealer it should be OK. I have purchased a Vista HCX and 2 Nuvi 205W units without any trouble from Geekdeal. You will need to send back to US for any warranty (I never had to do this) Also I would use Paypal for the buyer protection it provides. Customs charges were minimal. Considering the savings I thought it was worth the risk.....
  4. I got my Zumo 550 at 14000THB from Ebay and 3000thb thai map afterwards, no tax, came directly to my door steps.

    Zumo works fine,never had any problems in it and updates for software can be done from Garmin web-updater online.
  5. Thanks for the input guy's. I have decided not to purchase here in LOS. If anything does go wrong I can buy another new one and still be ahead financially.
    I do have one more question, is there any way to interface the 60 csx with the electronics on my Phantom?
  6. Not being a techno I may not have understood the question but Ill share what I have done.

    I have 60CSX and on both the Baja and the Transalp have hardwired a 'cigar lighter socket'. When riding, the bikes power takes over and when I turn the bike off the unit switches to batteries. I use standard rechargables.

    The power ftom the bike won't charge the batteries but when engine is running, they don't drain either

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