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  1. Hi friends,

    just a question. I have quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago and have changed to the ECigarette. I am still a Nicotine Junkie but with the ECigarette, I had the chance to continue smoking on a much lower risk level. It is just the Nicotine which is harmfull. Remember a Cigarette has around 4000 different harmfull ingredients.

    But thats just to give you an idea.

    Now my question. Is the use of an ECigarette legal in Thailand ?
  2. E-cigarettes, aka "vapeing" seems to be all the rage here at the moment. As long as you're not smoking an illegal substance I can't imagine you'd have any trouble with the Boys in Brown, but TiT, anything is possible!

    FWIW there is mounting evidence that vapeing is quite unhealthy... Perhaps not as bad as cigarettes, but still...

    i'll see if I can find that article...
  3. Hey Tony,

    Sorry but I don't believe there is mounting evidence that e-cigs are quite unhealthy, if anything what evidence that is out there has shown that vaping is MUCH less damaging than regular cigs. There are already thousands and thousands of testimonies of people who are quitting regular cigarettes for e-cigs and feeling/looking/smelling better as a result (my brother is one of them), with happier family members around them as they aren't exposed to the second-hand smoke (e-cig vapor disappears within seconds and doesn't linger around like regular cig smoke). Yes, more conclusive and longer term studies need to be conducted but just look at the science involved and significantly lesser amount of bad things going into your lungs/body and it makes sense.

    That said, I would be careful about which vaping juices I bought -- most of the juices available here in Thailand are made in China and we all know the lengths they can go to save a dime here and there....best to order some quality juices from US/Europe or learn to mix/make your own.


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