East of road 23 (Salawan - Dong on Nat #9)

Nov 23, 2005

We are a 6 fans of Ben Angkor dirt bike rally of the Extreme in Cambodia and this Jan 10, we are leaving to Lao for a 2 weeks rally from pakse to VNT through the hills.
It seems that road 23 from Salwan to M. Phin is already a good fun.

On GT-rider map, there is a "road??" East of road 23 going from Salawan up to Dong (on Nat #9) through Taleo, Padou, Kalovag, Lalong)

is it anyone had ever do it?? Is it possible in january??
In Cambodia rain stopped late this year and even December was quite wet. Was it the same in lao??
Any info.
Please let me know as we would like to try new thing!!


Philippe [:p]