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  1. Does any body know where to buy EBC brake pads here in Thailand ?
    I live in Chiang Mai but any where I can buy would be good and yes just EBC no other brand thank you.
  2. I have HH compound for a Versys but not the LF
    Only Rear and RF as I used the LF on my Enfield
    Email me if you want them @ 50% Thai cost

    There was a Dealer in BKK as recently as Feb
    [email protected]
  3. An EBC supplier in Bangkok was/is a sponsor on GT Rider. I use an adblocker so I don't know if it is still here. David should be able to tell you. I ordered pads for my truck. There was a little confusion in getting the order sent and then the pads didn't fit correctly. A little time on the bench grinder was needed and they work great now.

    Here are the email addresses that I still have. Give it a try Gavin (English) at [email protected] or (Thai) [email protected]

  4. Try this company:-


    I've used them before - good response & rapid delivery, considering my pads were "special order".

    The bloke who responds to e-mails sent in English is an Englishman.
  5. I've got an extra set for left and right front calipers that will fit all Kawasaki 650 models sold here:
    As I'm selling the Versys I don't need them anymore. Feel free to make an offer if this is what you're looking for :)
  6. Hi Tony
    Yes there pretty close to the mark I use extreme pro sintered brakes.
    I need left and right for my 650 Ninja 2011.
    I have no idea what they where worth for you to buy so hard for me to make you an offer but are you happy with 50% of cost Tony? what ever that is.
  7. I am keeping the rear as I have a stock rear caliper
    Only a R is not much good to you
  8. Thanks also for the offer Rob but I need both right and left.
  9. Hi Dave, 2000 baht for left and right sets (FA229HH FA231HH) +100 for EMS delivery and we've got a deal :thumbup:
  10. Hi Tony
    That is fine my phone number is 0932832206 and my Email is [email protected] which ever you want to use Tony to send your bank account details through so I can send you money and my address.
  11. Cheers David, email sent :thumbup:
  12. I have used Eurobreakers (via the nice guy in charge, Gavin) several times for new brake discs and/or pads for NSR250R, AX-1 and GSX-R 400R and have always been happy with their efficient service...wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. The ER-6N has Galfer pads and lines, though their sintered pads seem to go pretty quick and next time will probably get some EBC pads; the Galfer are perhaps stronger/more feel but the EBC seem to last longer.
  13. Yes Gavin is the official distributor for Thailand, email [email protected] or mobile 081-7340108
  14. Bump for Terence asking about EBC
  15. Just remember that HH pads will increase disc wear ,and also need more cleaning to stop dust and squeal ,but i do use them in all my bikes as they perfomm best at present ,,,

    always willing to try some new technology though

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