Ebc brakes


Aug 27, 2012
just wanted to let everybody know how impressed I have been with the service from EBC Brakes, a company I came across through this forum and personal recommendation.
One of the problems with having an imported big bike in Thailand is sourcing parts, whilst this is easy in the UK its bloody difficult here. Getting even fairly common parts like brakes and clutches used to involve EBay and the hope that something posted from the UK or USA will either actually arrive or arrive without prior notice that some Thai tax needs to be paid.
Gavin at EBC has been a revelation on the parts front and after conversing with him on the net and a quick trip to the bank new parts have been winging there way to me in the wilds of Northern Thailand. Consequently I now have a very happy motorcycle that stops when I pull on the lever or stomp on the pedal.
I wish him every success with this, reletively, new business and hope everybody will support him so I can look forward to the easy sourcing of parts in the future.