Eco-adventure in Malaysia

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by SuziQ, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. SuziQ

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  3. tropicaljohno

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    Suzi I did the Zambezi in Africa, 20 rapids, some grade 5.5, no helmets, took all day, and mighty scary... so been there done that...

    You coming to MotoGP in Sepang......?????
  4. mikerust

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    Worked in Sabah back in "86. Beatiful place would highly recommend a visit. Scuba is OK to but not the same as wreck filled Solomons. Maybe when they get that place sorted, if ever, I will go back. If I had a good reason I would back to Sabah in a heart beat.
  5. Joko

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    TJ, I agree with you. The rapids in msia is relatively tame by any standards. But it is a good alternative to golfing and windowshopping.

    Mikerust, sorry mate. I have to disagree with you. Scuba is Ok to me is an understatement.
    The dive sites in Sipadan are world class. The wall dive is enuff to humble the most experienced. The hammerheads, giant barra & other pelagics are guaranteed to set your heart thumping...The Turtle Cave is out-of-bound with a Japanese Instructor being the latest MID victim, a couple of years back.

    The muck diving in mabul & kapalai, while is safe, provides tremendous photo-opps to the camera-bugs...

    U wanna join us in early Nov?

  6. SuziQ

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    Joko, according to the guides, the Padas River in Sabah, Borneo's got the wildest waters.I'm aphoto bug but extreme adventure is too terrifying for me.

    the reefs are Not getting enough rest from tourists. the environmentalist are afraid that they won't survive. Redang and Tioman islands - same problem.
  7. SuziQ

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    sadly No, TJ. have fallen back into the rat race. work 7 days a week. The most I can do is escape on travel writing assignments. I do press coverage on weekends... laugh. last 2 events were LIPTON Tbag Challenge and YOGA for Charity. Sob.yawn. sob.
  8. SuziQ

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    Sabah and Sarawak are Malaysia's last frontiers. Where were you based, Mike? Did you climb Mt. Kinabalu? I only visted KK and Labuan Island. Lots of expatriat commercial divers used to be based in Labuan. It's a beautiful place. If you could envision a quiet town anywhere in Indochina on an island, that would be Labuan. The island hopping is really worth it. Photobugs would go crazy. The Lonely Planet has a discouraging opinion of it. But if you ever go back that way, give Labuan a go.

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