ECU reflash ECU tune up for Kawasaki

Piasini Thailand

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Jan 22, 2010
The Piasiniengineering ranks nowadays among the Italian companies that hold the leadership as far as it concerns the tuning and the electronic tuning.

They deal with any kind of engine run by an ignition and electronic injection system, which need a meticulous timing in order to improve the performances and to protect the environment thanks to a considerable reduction in noxious emissions.

In addiction to cars, the Piasiniengineering has achieved many great successes also in the field of the racing cars, both nationwide and worldwide.

All our products fit the originals ones without needing further changes to be installed. Every modification carried out on a single item is always tested in the most diverse and extreme conditions of application, before being sold.

Piasiniengineering, work to world-wide level, with beyond 300 Autorized partners sale scattered for the local globe, installations and center equipped for development dislocated for countries with specific demands, which Italy, Switzerland, Germany , Hungary, Rumania, Russia,USA, Canada,Thailand, India and China and all other country !

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