EK 520 MVXK Chain + Motowerk Versys footpeg lowering blocks

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  1. New in the box EK 520 MVXZ motorcycle chain, (red color) for sale. Bought in the USA a few months ago for $117USD + shipping. High quality Quadra-X-ring design made in Japan rated for up to 1000cc. The chain was custom cut to 114 links for the Versys. Was going to use this as a replacement but since have painted the bike from Red to Black. You save $$ on the import tax and shipping. (2000 BHT. OBO)

    Motowerk Versys lowering blocks (SOLD)

  2. Hi, Are you in BKK? I am interested in the footpeg lowering blocks.
  3. Hi sorry for the late reply am in the north, Chiang Rai

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