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    We have an Enduro race in Finland every spring with motor bikes.

    It is called Paijanne Ajot.

    It is a race around the biggest lake complex in Finland ( and Finland have some lakes I think Wikipedia says that there is 187.888 lakes in Finland) and it is a funny race.

    Most of the Enduro World Champions have driven it and a few MX Worlds Champions also…


    These picture are are kindly provided me by Asko Pystynen this morning and I think this race was the 78th continuing years race. And the riders seems to have fun, Pls enjoy them in the heat….

    They/we have the same race in Sweden and it is called Novemberkasan. This race has been driven since 1915 with the only interruptions of WW1 and WW2 and when Sweden changed to right hand traffic in 1965 It is driven in November

    And I think this is the reason why Sweden and especially Finland have the best enduro drivers in the world.

    And a few MX-champs also….

    But I have a Swedish passport but I have lived a little in Finland and Yesterday Finland played 1-1 against Spain in football and tomorrow the Finn Kimi Raikkonen will win the Malaysia Grand Prix Formula One race,

    The Finns are a very very brave and small country and they are damned good in motorsports….

    MP-Terveisin HIKO

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