enduro madness

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  1. hi all, I'm starting a small enduro/ scrmble tours business in pattaya. I'm 60% there. just need to sweek a few things up.

    I'v been riding motor x and enduro since i was 18. now I HAVE COME TO LIVE HERE AND THIS WAS MY DREAM TO DO THIS.

    I think i have everything covered, Iv maid a few friends how have helped me along the way.
    just was wondering if any of you guy's had any tips for me.

    I will post the website as soon as it is bomb proof,,

    shane.......enduro madness :D
  2. good on ya shane enduro rocks.
    what bikes do ya ride?
  3. Graeme at Highsidetours may or may not give you some pointers. Maybe you could work something out to give his customers a 1/2 day on MX bikes.

    Don't get too fixated on bikes plug the whole package, sun, sin and beer.
  4. shane you came in my shop 18 months ago and told me this. where is it ? more to the point where are you. back in UK at the time of this posting.
    here is the only adventure tour rider in Pattaya www.a-tecracing.com

    tell me I'm worry, post a reply or contact me

    also the sugestion of marketing beer, women and sun is bollucks. I have no end of loved up drunks come to my shop and tell me their top mx rider

    stay in the girlie bar and tell someone who gives a fuck, because I don't
  5. to be fair Giles is working hard to develope this business
    So good luck mate, business is as hard as the tracks we ride, but don't let the Bastards grind you down

    Happy Days

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