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  1. Last Saturday I attended the BMW Level 1 enduro rider training at Enduro Park Thailand in Bangkok. Had a great day learning how to handle a larger bike in the dirt. Bikes are BMW F800GS but you can use your own bike if you want. Cost of using their bike includes insurance if you damage it and chances are you will drop it at least once so I chose to damage their bike rather than mine. They offer courses in Thai and English. My class had two Thai instructors that spoke perfect English and were extremely accomplished riders. Overall I learned a lot and had fun time doing it.

    Khun Dao speaks good English and can explain everything clearly if you contact her.

    These websites are in Thai but will give you an idea what it is:

    https://www.facebook.com/<wbr />enduropark.thailand/

    http://www.bmw-motorrad.co.th/<wbr />th/en/motorshow/enduropark/<wbr />index.html

  2. I heard about this course a while back, the expat biker FB group did level I.

    I was under the impression the course was in Thai, but if you could form a group of over ( i think 5 ) it would be in English.

    I was thinking to try to form a weekend group from here - I should have posted my interest before, I could have accompanied you.

    If anyone else is intending to take a course, I would love to tag along, even though I'm not a BMW rider would love the chance to learn on their machines.
  3. I believe the next course they have in English is March 19th.

    Contact Khun Dao for details. 0824410777

    The class I took had myself (Canadian), a couple from Singapore, a guy from Malaysia and 5 Thais. All spoke English. A few of the Thai guys were shy to speak in front of the group but were ok one on one. No problem at all for communication.
  4. the training in Enduro Park is great fun. Language isnt a problem at all.

    My class was 2 thais and me.

    I am wondering if to do level 1 again with my own bike or go ahead with level 2 on a bike of theirs.
  5. Pensionist,

    I was thinking the same to try the level 1 on my bike (Triumph 800 XCx) but I think I would put more crash protection on it first. I have a MX track I can practice on so maybe when I feel more confident I'll do the level 2 course using their bike.
  6. The triumph is a nice bike, i testrided it once.

    What bike are you using to practise on the MX track? and where?

    During some trips in Thailand, China and Laos on my boxer GS I recognized how useful the training has been although it was on F800GS.
  7. Pensionist,

    I'm going to use the Triumph to practice on the MX track. No need to clear the table top jump or kill the burms, just slow speed handling in the dirt.

    The track is beside my moo baan in Lopburi and the owner lets anyone use it for free.

    I just rode from Lopburi to Phuket and back fully loaded, 2 up with my lovely wife. I feel much more confident with handling the bike heavily loaded after the training.

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