Enduro Tour to Bokor Nationalpark

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  1. 1. Part, Cambodia: Enduro Tour to Bokor Nationalpark


    Description Bokor Nationalpark:
    In the 20th years a luxury tourist place from french people. Since 1998 everybody can look it, before they are many
    mines there. The top is 1079 meters..

    It is a problem to get a good motorbike for this tour. In sihanoukville is only one shop from the german man manfred.
    The shop is named “Best Bike”. He has 5 new 250 suzuki rebell (4-stroke). Price: about 10-15 dollar/day


    His adress:


    The bikes really good and many times out :cry: . A reservation is meaningful !
    The location is 5 minutes from the busstation


    And….girls welcome:


    A french man has sometimes good bikes too. He is on the mainroad.




    If you don’t find a bike you can look in kampot. Sean Li is a good shop, he is opposite of the mealy chenda guesthouse
    in kampot. My bike was from sean li for 12 dollars per day. He has some old and new bikes and he told us he want buy
    new bikes.




    If you need a map you can look on my site http://www.helbob.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13 (only german language)
    with the maps of Kenneth Cramer, or look the english site of Mr. Cramer on :

    Forget near every bikes in sihanoukville they are horrible and dangerous! The cambians don’t care about safety,
    only cheap (about 7-10 dollar).:hehe: .

    First day, the ride from sv to kampot/kep (ca. 130 km about 2,5 hr)

    The room in the Vandana Resort (when you come to kep, left up) for 10 dollar. The cheap bungalows cots 6 Dollar.



    Adress and telephone:


    More in the next days

  2. I'm fairly sure Manfred from Best Bike sold up recently due to the Governor of Sihanoukville introducing a law preventing foreigners riding motorcycles unless the bike was registered in their name and they had a Cambodian drivers licence.

    Its a pity, because you're right, he did rent out well maintained bikes.

    The enforcement of this law comes in waves. Right now, the local traffic police are focussing their efforts on other means of graft so tourists are starting to rent bikes again.
  3. Yes, something changes.
    This tour was 2006, no problem to drive a motorbike.
  4. nice and good trip bro :D :p
  5. 2. Part, Cambodia: Enduro Tour to Bokor Nationalpark

    A few kilometers after kampot was a brigde broken and a bus fall down. Now is only a woodbridge where everybody must pay. For motorbike (enduros too) 500 riel, but they try 1000 riel from the tourist.


    On the next day we drive to kampot.


    First to the gasoline station because gasoline is on the bokor expensive. I was the last bike, but my friend forget when he must turn right so i stop and wait. Many different vehicles:


    When we was comlete, we drive a few hundret meters to the entrance where we pay 5 dollar. Then 30 km dirt road up to the park. For the 30 km you need between 2-3 hr.


    It looks easy on the pictures, but something not so easy!


    Smoking stop



    A few kilometers before the top is the king summer residenz, a nice place.


    After the fork to the Popok Vil Wasserfall, but later more . When you arrived on the top first you see the church. If you are a good driver you can drive the small way until the church.


    Behind the church is the way to Wat Sumbpo Bpram ("Five Boot Pagode"). The small wat is on the abyss and a good place for some minutes.


    On the rock near the wat is a good view to the plateau


    More in the next days

  6. 3. Part, Cambodia: Enduro Tour to Bokor Nationalpark

    Many times are fog on the plateau with a mystic athmosphare. The fog come very quick and go very quick. Sometimes you can look only 50m and it’s cold.


    A few minutes later


    The park has 5000mm rain per year and is everytime green. About this: Many times raining! On the westside of the plateau is the abyss to the ocean. Greatful when you listen the animals from the jungle and feel the warm air whos comes up.


    Some hundret meters more the Casino, a ruine.




    a perfekt architekture.



    Everything very old but it looks not to bad because something concrete.


    Now maybe you think how it looks 80 years ago? We could see a picture :


    Behind the Casino is a small shop who sells sweets, drinks and soup



    The abyss to the jungle until the ocean is wonderful. If you stand here you understand me..


    More in the next days

  7. 4. Part, Cambodia: Enduro Tour to Bokor Nationalpark

    If you drive on the westside you come to the watertower. With the right weather it is a good fotomotive.


    The watertower is on a small mountain with a good outlook to the other buildings.


    When we finished looking the top we drive to the Popopvil Waterfall (remember the fork when we drive up)


    From the fork are 4 km, but don’t underestimate the way! Not far from the waterfall (don’t look my „motorbikeshoes“!)


    Only a little bite water but a funny tour



    We sleep in the ranger station at the top because we want look the sunset and sunrise. The night per person in a a big room with some beds is 5 dollar, shower available.


    We sleep in the left building, the right building is new, maybe for many japanese next year :).


    Important: Take some food from kampot because on the top only snacks and mamasoup for 1 dollar, coke 2000 riel, beer 1 dollar. In the evening we sit on the stairs and look the sunset when we drink beer and speak with the rangerfamily.



    In the night the temperature go down to 18 C, sometimes 10 C.

    More the next days

  8. 5. Part, Cambodia: Enduro Tour to Bokor Nationalpark

    On the next day a cup of coffee and we drive the last round on the top.


    The 30km down is more quick as up, about 2 hr. First: To the gasoline station. My friend not stay in the sun, he has a „natural makeup“ :)


    We stay again one night in kep, make the island tour and drive back to.


    The pics where everybody to see was made with this:


    WARNING!: Drive carefully!! When you drive the first days you will be more quick but remember: To the next hospital (Phnom Penh) it’s some hundret kilometers and when you have a broken arm or broken leg and must go down on a pickup the dirt road you feel horrible pain. This small crash is no problem but if the arm is broken then it is a big problem! …



  9. You guys have been having a good time & with minimal protective gear. Lucky.
    I fully agree on the broken limbs and painful pick-up rides.
    Check out
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t2201.html
    to see my experience.
  10. nice ride bro

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