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  1. Hoghead

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    Mounted new Boranni aluminium rims with stainless spokes as part of the RE brake project. Went with 19" as I already bought the spokes so no improvement on the tire choices.

    Brake rotor is from a Triumph Thunderbird and as I was not sure that it would fit, I cheaped out and did not buy a full floater. The rotor was only 90.00 USD so now that I know it works I will get a EBC floater. Note the rotor diameter compared to the stock rotor

    I wanted to have an opposed piston caliper but other than cheap Chinese, dinky, Brembo copies, I could not find one that would clear the spokes. I used a Tokio sliding caliper left over from my Kawi Versys radial brake conversion with EBC-HH compound pads.

    The caliper is not a bolt on, and I had to TIG weld an extension to the sliding mount. Now that I know it all works, I will Tig up the stock holes and powdercoat the bracket to match the caliper. I did not like the look of the weenie stock bolts and drilled the fork leg to take a M10 x 1.25 mounting bolt.

    14mm master cylinder is left over from the Versys brake mod. I already had SS brake lines and it bolted right up.

    My Bullet already had a stock Enfield disc brake upgrade but it was sadly lacking, hence this mod. It is far better now and while it could be better with a radial MC and opposed piston calipers it is adequate for now. This is all part of the plan to build a vintage cafe racer and I am off for a wave tuned megaphone pipe next.






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  3. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    I water jetted out an extra bracket for the caliper mount if you want to give it a try
  4. TonyBKK

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    Nicely done! :thumbup: While it's a bit odd to see modern Tokiko and Nissin parts on a Royal Enfield, I can totally understand the desire to improve the brakes. Is this bike an antique or one of the more recent Indian-made models?
  5. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    Mine is a 2000, Indian domestic, 535 Lightning, classic engined model. This engine was discontinued in 2008. Basically the same as the 1954 model and faithfully copied for 54 years.

    Nothing of the ugly Lightning remains and it is a custom built 5 speed bike with several engine mods. It originally had a drum brake, but I had it built with a RE disc brake when Tim took us on our Rajistan tour several years ago. The RE brake was OK but could have been better, hence this mod.
    It still could be better and I will leave that for another day.
  6. Hoghead

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    Indian chrome plating seems a lot like Chiangmai single step chrome plating.

    Yes both are 535cc but my 535 is a lot different:
    Classic engine design as opposed to a unit construction
    Muniki 32 flatslide on a match ported manifold VS FI
    9:1 compression
    Highly modified cylinder head by the legendary Joe Mondello's shop and ACE Engineering in the USA
    Boyer electronic ignition

    The new pipe should wake it up a bit, and I should have more RWHP than the Continental's alleged 29.1 at the crank (about 26 RWHP).
    Not bad for a 54 year old design VS a modern FI engine

    Even though I have a new aluminium rod, it remains to be seen how long the stock bottom end will hold up under the increased stress and I plan to take the engine bottom half to ACE for a new bottom end, Carillio steel rod, and oiling system mods.
    ACE is also bringing out some ratio rocker arms that I plan or install as soon as they are available.

    I new want a cafe style fuel tank and aluminium mudguards
    The expense continues
  7. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    In fact I am waiting for a reply from them now on the cafe bits.

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