Enfields for sale?

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  1. Does anyone know if there is anyone who sells Enfields in Thailand. We are looking for a couple of bullet 500's. Do we have to go all the way to India and bring them back?
  2. Are you sure?
    If so try the phone book as the old guy that has the vintage BMW's in BKK - not too far from the main train stn. Last time I was there he had one for sale. Funny but near the train stn. in CM there is a bike shop the owner use to buy old british bikes from Mandalay & Rangoon,Burma. An old friend had one in CM, it will take me sometime to re-locate the guy, I'll make some calls if I find him I'll let you know.
  3. Give these guys a go:
    The Pha Daeng Mansion
    They might be able to turn something up.

    Keep the power on
  4. Dave,
    I like that check "dreambikes" out, yeh right dream that they might run!
    I was in BKK yesterday looking for a CDI unit, there are two Enfields for sale 350 & 500, PM me if your serious and I'll give you the guys number/address.
  5. Hey, Gecko, did you end up buying the Enfields? I have a Bullet 500 down in Australia. I was going to bring it up to Malaysia where I work, but it was too expensive to be worth doing. I'm probably going to be moving back to Thailand at some stage and want to get hold of either a 350 or 500 up there.
    The classic BMW shop down off Thanon Rama IV often has some nice bikes, but I haven't seen any Enfields in there.
    Anyone else have one for sale or know someone who does?

  6. My good pal in India can get as many Enfields as you need, in all available CCs. let me know if you are serious and how many. i live in Chonburi.
  7. KYLE,
    You talk about your friend in India. I want a 500 cc. What's the cost and how can I get it here in Thailand or Florida USA? Any hidden ways that work out? I hope your not a troll. Please let me know.

    KHUNDAN Sends


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