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Nov 17, 2004
Yamaha opens YRA training facility in Thailand
source: infibeam.com Aug 9 2008

Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (TYM), motorcycle manufacturing subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., opened the newly constructed Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) training facility on the company's grounds on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. The 84 million baht (approx. 280 million yen) facility is the Yamaha Motor group's first permanent training facility outside of Japan, and is designed to promote riding safety on a region-wide scale.

The YRA facility occupies an area of 18,843 m2 with a training course complete with an S-shaped track section, a successive, 90-degree cornering "crank" section and a sand track to simulate a variety of riding situations. The facility also has a large meeting room with a seating capacity of 265, lecture rooms and a riding simulator room.

Thai government dignitaries including Suwit Khunkitti, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, joined Yamaha Motor president and CEO Takashi Kajikawa and TYM president Takahiko Goan at the facility's opening ceremony.

Since 2004, there have been more than 70,000 motorcycle accidents annually in Thailand.

For the last 25 years, TYM has been conducting ongoing motorcycle riding safety programs, and from 2005 the company has collaborated with the Thai Ministry of Transport to hold between 40 and 50 riding safety courses throughout the country each year. Furthermore, the company holds official riding tests for civil servants, and issues approval letters to participants who pass the test, certifying them as qualified riders. Holders of approval letters are entitled to receive a motorcycle rider’s license.

TYM will continue to strive to improve the quality of its riding safety programs by adopting the following four official YRA curriculums.

Riding Safety Course:
This classroom and practical training course provides riding safety instruction for students and general license holders.

Instructor Training Course:
This "Train the Trainer" course provides training for riding safety instructors from dealerships or other organizations such as driving schools.

License Training Course:
This course provides both classroom and practical training to enable participants to take a test officiated by the traffic bureau and receive an approval letter that entitles them to receive a rider’s license.

Large Motorcycle Riding Safety Course:
This classroom and practical course provides riding safety instruction for owners of large motorcycles.

TYM will use YRA courses in ongoing efforts to increase the number of participants in riding safety courses, while also training dealer instructors in Thailand and other parts of the ASEAN region as a means to spread riding safety at the grassroots level through dealer instructors.

Courtesy: Thai Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., Thailand