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  1. anon

    anon Member

    My neighbor says he has a Harley Davidson 1640 Low Bob Fat Rider back in the states .Is this possible ?
  2. Fiddy

    Fiddy Ol'Timer

    I believe they are 1340cc's but could be easily stroked or bored out. Try "Google"
  3. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Evo harleys were 1340 cc until 2000 then 1450 twin cam engine , 2006 saw new 1580 cc engine
    and also screaming eagle engine in 1720cc

    we sell em in wranglers u can take a Harley out to 2190cc.

    triumph sell a 2300 cc triple .

  4. desmomonstro

    desmomonstro Ol'Timer

    who want a car with 2 wheels.
    350 kg and 60 hp .....
    Well!!!! a good machine for show off at Warm up on friday night

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