Entered Laos thru Bueng Kahn/Paksahn


Jun 1, 2003
Great to be in Laos with a bike again. The Thai side took awhile, first they said, they're not working over the week-end. But after talkig to several official at the border, I could win the sympathy of two very helpful immigration ladies, they really helped a lot. Then I got rejected by her ladyboss. She said I needed a motorcycle passport from now on, whenever I cross the country. I went back to the two other ladies, who said - no problem we will solve this for you. Cool an hour later or so, I got my exit stamp.

I had to pay 200 Bahr for the ferry to Paksahn plus 100 Baht (unknown extra fee - maybe for beer or so). I didn't care, as long as I could get into Laos. The Laos side was really friendly and the immigration helpful and quick. It only took 15 minutes to get processed.

I never had so little papers to fill out, before it used to be much more difficyult. Just the paper of conveyance and off we go.

It was 4 by now and I decided to make the ride into the capital Vientianne.

More later