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  1. guichard

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    Hello everyone,
    Presently i am preparing my yearly trip to Laos from Chiengmai on a rented 250 Ax.
    I usually enter at Houey Sai and exit at Kengtao.
    Can anyone tell me if this year,with the lao visa previously obtained,i can
    enter at Huay Kon(changwat Nan)?
    Thanks for any info.
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  3. mactbkk

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  4. guichard

    guichard Ol'Timer

    Many thanks Mac for the info i missed because i was in Chieng mai in Feb and have no lap top.
    thanks again David for your mail.
    Best regards,
    Lung,now 70 but still enjoying preparing my yearly trip to nothern Laos.
  5. mactbkk

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    Here's an update on the crossing for FOOT travelers, an email exchange this morning.


    Huey Khon, Nan-Mueng Nguen Crossing

    from A A
    to MacAlan Thompson
    date Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 10:45 PM
    subject Hello

    Hello to you,

    Hope everything get fine there, just to know withing this message that last week I crossed the border Hong Sa-Nan. Everything was fine just the thai border a long way to the Lao.

    Lovely night and best regards.




    Glad the trip worked out OK for you. And thanks for the update, had been wondering how your trip worked out.

    A question, tho. How did you get from the Lao immigration office all the way to the border and Thai immigration?

    Did someone give you a ride? That would be a long walk.


    I took the first part of the way on food and the last part I carried my laggage in a small motorbike that run in the way but it's very uncorfontable to reach the thai border.

    I can't understand why the local bus from Hong Sa to the laos-border doesn't carry again the people after they did the immigration procedure at the border.


    That's good to know that the local bus doesn't go all the way after Lao immigration. I'll pass that on if anyone asks.

    Same problem, then, if you're going from Nan to Mueng Nguen, long walk with your bags after Thai immigration.

    Surely that's a money making small business for a motorcycle or two, taking people between the two immigration points for a reasonable price.

  6. guichard

    guichard Ol'Timer

    Thank you very much for the info.
    David who knows i am nuts on internet has sent me a mail to point out your message!Thanks again to him.
    I have been biking in Changwat Nan for 19 years now and i felt so frustrated every time going to the market at Huay kon and not being able
    to enter Laos there.
    Same,when i was on the other side and go back to Kentao or Houey sai.
    Cheers ,Lung.
  7. mactbkk

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    Shouldn't be a problem for you crossing back INTO Thailand from M. Nguen, but reckon the reverse wouldn't work as you'd need a Lao visa. And it's a long trip for you to Bangkok or Khon Kaen to get the Lao visa.

    Nice areas anyway, Xieng Lom & Hong Sa, rather different than when they were "home" for a few months in 1966 & '67!

  8. guichard

    guichard Ol'Timer

    Thanks Mactbkk,
    I guess it has changed a lot since those times.

    My first biking in Laos was only in 73 around Luang Phrabang.

    Two years ago,we ferried our three 250 Ax,for my son and a friend from PakTha to PakKop and rode to Hongsa.I then noticed the huge road works
    aroundMuang Ngeun and I was hoping for a near future opening to Changwat Nan.

    Eight Kms East of Hongsa,we turned left and a few kms later,after a river crossing,a right turn then left after the school and we rode a beautiful narrow hilly trail in pristine jungle for 130km to Xieng Meme,right across Luang Phrabang.

    Visa is no problem since I'll enter at Kenthao.Should i change my mind and turn clockwise,I'll have it made in CNX where I spend the winter.

    Best regards,


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