Entering Huay Sai

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    I'm going to Laos soon and I'm trying to decide weather or not to bring my bike with me.Is it worth all the hassle of the paperwork and might I be better off to just take the bus and rent a bike by the day when I want to take a trip,
    First of all i would like to know the exact paperwork involved.
    I have a newish D-tracker 125cc,it's in my missus name because we weren't married when I bought it.In Chiang Rai you can't buy a bike on a tourist visa or get a drivers license.
    I would have to check with the amphue because I now have a marriage visa.
    So presuming I get the green book in my name and a Thai drivers license.Which will cost me a few bob,having to stay in a hotel in the city overnight and all.
    Are there any other costs,is there some motorbike international paper you need as well,are there extra charges at Laos emigration for taking a bike with you.
    Is the Thai drivers license good in Laos.
    Any advice would be welcome.As you can see I'm not very well informed.

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