Entering Laos at Huay Sai


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Just back from an over nighter in Huay Sai.
The Laos customs are much more organized now & you dont need an agent to get in.
Cost for an over night stay - 1 week bike permit, in Laos was 400 baht (2 x 200 baht, with a receipt issued).
Note that customs on both sides - Thailand / Laos - dont work on the weekends, (unless you book & pay them overtime).
Normal working hours are Monday - Friday, 8.00 am - 5.00 pm. but on the Laos side nothing much happens after 4.00 - 4.30 pm.
And, because there are no customs on duty on the weekends, the big car ferry does not operate, so you must use a long tail boat to ferry your boat across.

Keep the power on


Feb 11, 2003
Hiya David,
At last they have sorted it out eh?
did it take you much hassle or time to get paperwork?
Did you find out if they would have issued longer stays?
speak soon, going through withdrawals, need to get my arse back on my bike!
Oct 20, 2003
I joined David on this trip to do a visa run. A nice easy ride and a great alternative to the usual Mae Sai.

No hassle to get the paperwork done on both sides, I think it was a total of 2 hours from when you start in Chiang Khong till you are all finished in Huay Sai. (We were in a group of 4) Getting back is a lot faster of course as you only need to hand back the bike paperwork.

This was my first trip to Lao. (OK, I admit I have been a bit slack!) I was impressed with the friendly people and the great beer!

I was on a road bike and time was limited so I didn't go too far (about 25 km) but its well worth the effort to bring the bike across.

Can't wait to go back for some more serious riding!
Aug 7, 2003
Dave has hassled me to write something, I joined dave last time crossing over at Huay Xai, sorry Bob for not waking you up the morning we continued on to Luang Nam Tha, I figure the thumper sound woke you up anyway.The road to Luang Nam Tha was easy unsealed dirt, plenty of coal trucks later on in the day but none early. Beautiful mountain ranges visable from many places. Got a bit lost at the coal mine around Vieng Phoukha, had a blat on the spoil mounds. The actual road goes left just before the pit and follows the river for some time.Stayed at the Vila Guest house $6 , hot water, night club 150m away for supplies.They let you park the bikes inside. Next day went to Muang Sing and the border, customs wouldn't actually let us go as far as the border I think 5 or 6 kms short.Back from there to L.N.T and onto Nar Mor with another blat up to the Chinese border, good fast loose gravel , about 40 kms to a dead stop at customs again, turn around and race back to the main road again to get to Udom Xai.Stayed at the Litthaviway G.H. clean rooms , hot water, internet, they let you park the bikes a little further down the road at the family's tyre shop. On to Luang Prabang, stayed at the Kounsavan G.H. $5,hot water, clean, nice rooms. Ate down at the river ,well lubricated on beer Lao and once again midnight tours.Next day was to Vang Vieng after an oil change, had to do it myself at the shop, no charge to use their tools and rags etc., great roads , but Daves times are a bit out.V.V. is a tourist ghetto , I'll give it a miss next time . Stayed at the Kaine Thong G.H. away from the tourists. $4 , hot water. Found the airstrip that night in town and did some burnouts and speed trials, impressed the locals and wore the tyre down a bit. Night clubs all along the strip, best one was on the main road, north end.Next day decided to branch off before Hin Hoeup and head for the Mekong river at Namhi, and try the follow the river to Viengchan. No luck from Namhi towards Houayla, road impassable after 2kms,wet gullies and track dissappears into crop fields.So all the way back north to the main road and to Viengchan, stayed at the Dragon Lodge G.H. Only A/c rooms left $12, nice rooms , Sat TV etc,etc. Park the bikes inside at side of the front restaurant. Usual visit to the Samlor pub. Early next day to the Bridge, 15 mins on the Lao customs and Immigration,over the bridge at warp speed, Thai customs and Immig 30 mins. Onto to Korat on flat boring road. Can't wait to do it again.....Maybe Bob will make it.