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Entering Vietnam from China

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by ChinaV, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    My friend and I would like to enter Vietnam from China. I'm from the U.S., he is from France, and we are both full time residents in China with working permits, residence visas, Chinese driving licenses, and 100% legal Chinese registered 250cc motorcycles.

    We would like to cross the border in Guangxi province, as we will be riding from Guangdong heading west. Does anyone know a "fixer" that works on the eastern border of Vietnam that can help us get in? We plan to ride around for a few weeks and will probably exit back into China from the same place we entered.

    I know some people have crossed from Laos into Vietnam, but it would add a lot of extra riding time for us to go through Yunnan and Laos just to get to Vietnam.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hung at Flamingo Travel in Hanoi would probably be a good start.
  3. Thanks for taking time to reply Rod. I sent them an email and will report back if I make any progress. We're hoping to cross at Hữu Nghị Quan, Chi Ma, or Móng Cái.

  4. Sent you a mail with details. Good luck
  5. Thanks for the message, exactly the person I was looking for :thumbup:. I have sent an email and hope to hear back soon.

  6. Hi ChinaV,
    I hope you've sorted out the way. I live in Kunming and am planning a motorcycle trip with my wife from Kunming to Saigon in January. Any news about the possibility of entering Vietnam by motorbike? Thanks!
  7. We are currently in Vietnam touring on bikes we rented in Hanoi from Flamingo Travel. We decided to rent, as the time and cost of bringing our China bikes into Vietnam was not worth the hassle.

    If you really want to do it, I think you will have to enter at the Friendship Pass border crossing (Hữu Nghị Quan, Đồng Đăng, Lang Son Province).

  8. Thanks a lot for your information. Guess we will do the same to rent bikes not riding our our own. Good luck and enjoy your trip!
  9. Just wanted to post a quick follow up to this thread.

    I contacted Mototours Asia and discussed options with Mr. NGUYEN Anh Tuan. He was able to handle our request for bringing our bikes in from China, but after much thought, we decided to rent XR250's from Flamingo Travel. If you really want to bring your bike in, you can, but it's going to cost a bit of time, planning and cash. The price varies, plan on 500-1000 USD to do it, and Vietnam will beat the snot out of your bike if you visit the kind of places we went.

    We had a limited amount of holiday time, and crossing southern China would have used 5 valuable days. Overall, we had 18 days in Vietnam, covered over 6000 kilometers and saved a lot wear on our personal bikes by renting there. There's no need for anything larger than a 250cc dualsport for most of Vietnam, so I think the XR250's were a good choice.

    I will post a ride report soon with pics and GPS tracks of the entire trip.

  10. Wow. 6000Kilometers, well travelled! Thanks for your up dates. We are leaving for Hanoi on Jan. 24 and hoping to rent the bike there. We will be doing a 2 up as my wife had given up trying to ride a motorcycle after a few falls. Would be nice to hear any of your sugguestions of route planning or ridng tips. We live in Kunming, and you come by, we would be happy to invite your guys for dinner. If you need anything on motorcycles I know some good friends with good hands here in Kunming.

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