entering VN by ground, need air tix ???

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by deepcdiver, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. deepcdiver

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    Can't find it now, thought I saw something somewhere that if one is entering VN by ground and not flying in, one needs to show an air ticket for departing VN ? Maybe because this is not a visa on arrival....seems strange. I did not need any last year flying in to VN, bought my exit air ticket when I was ready to leave.

    This trip I am flying in, then leaving on a bike and returning via bike, will not have a return ticket again until the last moment. Will have the 3 month visa with return privelidges.

    Will this be a problem at some small border coming in from Laos?
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  3. ThunderDuck

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    Gday Diver

    You may have already entered / exited by the date of your post. I entered with my bicycle at the newish Ha Tien crossing from Cambodia ... no dramas or requirements onward tickets. The only beaurocratic hurdle was filling in some kind of customs declaration for the bicycle. Maybe ten minutes all up to clear the border.

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