Entry permit for a foreign bike to ride into Vietnam: how about sharing the costs ?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm planning on entering Vietnam sometime end of June with my Singapore registered bike.
    The paperwork costs USD $600 plus possibly some allowance for the guide who's mandatory to have at the crossing.
    This cost can be shared by up to 3 maybe 5 bikes, so if you are interested in riding into Vietnam, I'd love to hear from you !

    I am not looking for riders to tour in Vietnam with me so you're free to have your own itinerary, although I'd be happy to welcome some company if our routes match smile.png

    So if you're looking to ride in Vietnam or know someone who wants to go, please have them contact me: swamp dot lion at gmail dot com - or reply to this thread for a better visibility for all.

    It doesn't matter where your bike is from, the paperwork is the same for all foreign bikes to cross into Vietnam.
    However, if your bike is not registered in ASEAN, I'll have to investigate a bit more on what's needed.

    If your bike is from ASEAN, then you'll need to provide all the bike papers on top of yours and your pillion's if there's one. You know, proof of ownership, driving license, passport, registration papers etc. If you need a visa to get into Vietnam, that can also be taken care of.

    I plan to cross at Moc Bai (Cambodia) because it seems to be the preferred border for guides. I don't have a set date yet, so we can discuss it and hopefully find a date that matches all schedules. I can do mid July or end of July if it suits the rest of the bikers better, let me know, we can always talk about it and find something that works out smile.png

    I have been researching getting a foreign bike to cross Vietnam border for a while now, an there is no escaping having this paperwork done, regardless of the size of the bike, its country of origin or the length of your tour in Vietnam.

    Many Vietnamese agencies will tell you that to provide you with the paperwork you also have to get their services (guide, accommodation and meals arrangements ) and that they have to stick with you during the entire duration of your stay in Vietnam. This is not really mandatory, and some agencies just require that you get a couple of additional services from them like booking a hotel or getting a guide to ride with you to the nearest big city (HCMC in this case). Some riders have only used a guide to cross the border and then were on their own.

    We can look into these details as soon as I have a small group of bikes willing to cross with me (maybe some of you will want a guide to tag along ?), and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have or get the answers from the guide I contacted if I don't know them.

    Just for info, I was quoted prices in the range of USD $1200-1500 for a group of 3-5 bikes, so this I think could be a great opportunity to ride into Vietnam for a lower fee ;)
  2. Oren,
    lets get Yempul to explain to u cos he already ride to vietnam with spore bike from spore

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